5 Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Teens

Looking for ways to spend time with your teen? Here are some great ideas.

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We live in a technological era. This era has brought things like smartphones, video games, television, movie streaming services, and social media into existence. While the previous generation, before all these gadgets and services took root, prefers the outdoors and having fun in nature, the generation born into this technology has no motivation to venture outside and have fun. Instead, they prefer to remain inside with their preferred technology as their form of entertainment.

This essay targeted the parent who wants to instill in their children an appreciation for the outdoors. The following article outlines five of the numerous outdoor activities that teenagers are sure to appreciate.

Driving ATVs

Finding activities that the entire family, let alone teenagers, can enjoy for an extended period is a challenging task. Though, taking ATV tours is an activity that teens are bound to enjoy. ATVs,s come in various types, from three-wheelers to four and even six-wheelers. The added wheels offer stability at low speeds and over rugged terrain, as one drives the quad bike in the same style as a motorcycle. Teens who at their age seek control over things in their life are bound to enjoy this activity since it gives them control over a powerful machine. Rebuild and upgrade kits for ATVs are not hard to find and are easy to install hence the popularity behind the use of ATVs. Also, the ATV can travel over many different types of terrains and thus provide new challenges and entertainment across different environments.

A hunt

This activity involves setting challenges and or prizes at random locations and leaving vague but decipherable clues for the teens to find and solve or collect. You can set it up with a single teen in mind, but it is preferable and advised to gather teens your child's age and set it up as a group activity. This gathering provides competition and increases the sense of accomplishment when they find an object or win the game. Also, you can put them in teams to compete against each other to encourage them to develop comradery and the skills needed to work together. In general, it is an enjoyable activity that enables your teen to have fun in nature.

Obstacle courses

This activity is one that teens are bound to love. The obstacle course needs physical and mental exertion to complete and hence is a perfect group activity for your teen and their siblings and friends. The obstacle course is bound to create competition as they seek to beat their own time or beat their friends and siblings through the system. Changing the challenge regularly and even keeping it as it is for them to challenge their own time is bound to keep your teen interested in this outdoor activity. Be sure to set it up difficult enough to be challenging but not enough to be impossible. And above all, build it with your teen's safety in mind.

Capture the flag

This game may be one that your teen may have already played. But setting it to occur at night and in an expansive area may garner the interest of your teen. Using glow-in-the-dark flags and clothing to differentiate the different teams and providing them with unconventional ammunition like water balloons to use in the game will have your kid outside and playing with his friends and family under the night sky and enjoying it. Also, having prizes for the team that wins will motivate your teenager and those playing to play harder.


All teens are familiar with hide-and-seek and suggesting that as an activity would undoubtedly garner a few eye rolls. But suggesting sardines might pique their interest. Sardines is a game that involves designating one person to hide while everyone else looks for them. But instead of calling them out when you find them, the person who finds them joins them in hiding. As the game progresses, the group hiding becomes bigger till only one person is seeking. At that point, the game restarts with the person as it. This game will work on a small group of teens. This way, they will not hide for too long and get bored. Also, the hiding areas need to be large enough to house a couple of people but not obvious enough to be immediately visible.


Keeping a teenager interested in outdoor activities over an extended period is a daunting task. But if you tune into your child's interests and incorporate these and many more games into your outdoor time, you will be able to encourage them to enjoy nature and have fun outdoors without difficulty.


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