8 Tips for Getting the Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Summer fashion can be trendy but also highly versatile. It's a time for mixing and matching pieces to create the comfort you crave when the thermostat heats up.

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Summer fashion can be trendy but also highly versatile. It’s a time for mixing and matching pieces to create the comfort you crave when the thermostat heats up. Getting clothing right in the summer is essential, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Eight tips for getting the perfect summer wardrobe are:

  1. 1 Year-Round Bottoms

    Source your closet for pants and skirts that can be worn both fall and summer. Look for universal fabrics, like cotton polyester that provides warmth but also absorbs sweat. Wrap skirts and pants in the khaki fabric are great pieces to wear year-round. With the right top in the summer, they ensure that you catch the breeze.

  2. 2 Top It With a Blazer

    Blazers can turn the most casual clothing pieces into a well-structured outfit—a military-style blazer over denim shorts and a tank top suitable for dinner at a fine dining restaurant. Over a sundress, a blazer changes the vibe to serious and business-like instantly.

  3. 3 Trendy Clothes

    Classic pieces in your wardrobe are essential. This is because they are timeless and will be worn for many years to come. However, there will be many trendy styles that will appeal to your sense of style. Therefore, when it comes to fashionable clothes, go to stores or websites where shopping for trendy clothes is less expensive and well worth wearing a season and then letting it go.

  4. 4 Second-Hand Stores

    Second-hand stores are a treasure trove of unique brands and vintage items that cannot be purchased in retail stores. In addition, at second-hand stores, classic and statement pieces can be bought for a fraction of their original costs.

  5. 5 Invest in Good Sandals

    Having a closet full of sandals won't make the summer heat less tolerable. It only makes dressing decisions more hectic. Sandals can be peep-toe, flip flops, wedges, espadrilles, strappy, lace-up, and more. To avoid getting drawn into a money pit, investing in three good pairs of sandals is a game-changer for summer style and comfort. Those should include casual sandals, work sandals, and dressing-up sandals.

    Your casual sandals should be comfortable and sturdy enough for sightseeing tours but also good quality so that they last all season. Work sandals should be one to two inches in heel height and adequately fit so that toes or heels aren't hanging over the edge. Lastly, your going-out sandals can have a higher heel and have adjustable straps.

  6. 6 Jeans

    Jeans are the perfect accent for a wardrobe, winter or summer since they are perfect for almost any occasion. Some tips for jeans in the summer are: 

    • Consider color - white, pink, or yellow denim.

    • Opt for a looser fit - Boyfriend jeans or straight cut jeans; avoid tight-fitting jeans.

    • Distressed jeans - add to the casualness.

  7. 7 Accessories

    Lightweight scarves, layered necklaces, and bracelets can take your summer outfit up a notch by adding a touch of class to summer outfits. They add to the easy breeziness of summer but also give summer outfits flair. Some other accessories to consider for the summer are sunglasses, purses, and hats.

  8. 8 Lightweight Tops

    Tops are where the best summer outfits begin; they can make a plain company more versatile, trendy, and in tune with the weather or make the wearer excessively hot. The benefit of tops is the comfort of the fabrics, which allow air to flow through. Selecting the best materials for summer include cotton, cable, and gauge tops which feature styles perfect for resort wear.

    Having the perfect summer tops to add to pants, skirts, or shorts is an essential way to get the ideal summer wardrobe. Summer fashion can be trendy and versatile at the same time. So getting it right in the summer is essential and doesn't have to break the bank. Eight tips for the perfect summer wardrobe are to wear year-round bottoms, top it with a blazer, don't spend a lot on trendy clothes, invest in good sandals, jeans, the perfect accessories, and lightweight tops.


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