How To Eat Food You Hate: Seafood Thai Curry


I will not tell anyone how to cook their food but doing it home cook style is actually better for you. Over the past couple of months, my wife has been attempting to cook a variety of different cuisines from several different countries. In this instance, she decided on Thai Curry.

A about four years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Thailand on business and I happen to stay in Pattaya for more than six months. Unlike other trips, where the accommodations were up to modern standards, where I stayed was definitely not that. I slept on a cot not a bed and attempt to use a bathroom that absolutely filthy. Because of the lack of cleanliness of the facility, I eventually fell sick. It was around this time, I was introduced to Thai street food and maybe my sickness was a result of the street food and where it was prepared. That led me to not liking Thai food.

Now with my wife doing her experiment, I insist on not eating Thai food even when she trick me into going to Thai restaurants. On more than one occasions she drags me to them and when I get there, I just watch her eat. After my experience in Thailand, I do not have the urge to eat Thai food, but that was only until she made it.

Since I do not eat red meat and chicken, she made me seafood curry with white rice. The seafood consists of shrimp, octopus and scallops. The curry was green and mixed with several spice to give it the signature Thai spiciness. The taste exploded in my mouth and for a second I forgot I was eating a Thai signature dish.

Although I continue to resist eating Thai food, I will not turn it down if my wife makes it. Tell us, are there cuisines you will not eat unless it made at home? Share your comments below.

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