Surviving The Presidential Wreckage of Donald J. Trump

Surviving a Donald Trump Presidency
Donald Trump: Elected Official for the U.S.

Republicans have strayed from the party of morality immediately after they accepted Donald J. Trump as their nominee for the presidency in 2016.  They did not heed the warnings of former associates of the so-called billionaire nor evidence of his lack of temperament to hold the office of president.  Now two years later his administration is shrouded in scandals and investigations.  One time prominent politicians and public figures who worked for the inexperienced government official fall victim to his incompetence.  None-the-less Republicans continues to standby every decision even at the expense of their careers.  With no true legislative successes except for the huge tax cut that was given to the ultra rich, Republicans continue to sell fake results to their constituents.

Hypocrisy of Republican elected Officials

When former President Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Senate Republicans vowed to derail his administration and make him a one term president.  This meant stopping every initiative, every agenda and every attempt to leave a legacy.  Their position created the most useless and inactive legislative congress in history.   When issues like gun control, immigration, healthcare and the financial recession plagues the nation, Republicans were absent from offering assistance for solutions.

When a seat became vacant on the Supreme Court, they denied President Obama the chance to appoint a successor by coming up with a ridiculous claim about making appointments in an election year.  However when a seat became in 2018 during the mid-term election year, Republicans rushed to defend and confirm Brett Cavanagh who was accused of sexual misconduct.  They ignored the American people’s calls for him to withdraw his consideration and confirmed him because they hold the majority in the Senate.

As for their fight against healthcare legislature, the House voted to repeal or amend the Affordable Care Act more than 50 times since it was passed into law in October 2009. According to a Washington Post analysis, by March 2014 they had already voted on it 54 times, including measures to undo, update to change it.  As of this June 2019, their is currently a fight in the court to declare the law unconstitutional.  If they have their way, millions of Americans would be left without medical coverage.  It would also mean the return to denials due to pre-existing conditions.  More people would die due to the lack of health coverage.

In addition, their constant neglect of the childish tantrum throwing bully in the White House is furthering the demise of American democracy. Some citizens are becoming numb to the idiocracy of the times and are falling into stasis, while others continue to fight every discriminatory policies coming out of the administration.

They are beginning to see that everything candidate Trump accused then candidate Clinton of is the reality of his own administration.  Somehow Trump predicted that the next president would be swarmed with investigations that they could not get anything done. The chant of lack her up now has changed to him. It was a tell from a criminal bold enough to stand in the public square and declaring “I’m a criminal and there is nothing you can do about it”.  That seem to be true at first, until he took office and then the flood gates of investigations opened.  As of May 2019 there are 29 Investigations related to Trump. According to a report from the New York Times by Larry Buchanan and Karen Yourush, there are 10 federal criminal investigations, 8 state and local investigations and 11 congressional investigations.

Federal Investigations

Federal prosecutors are pursuing more than a dozen criminal investigations that grew out of the work of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel. These are the ones we know about.

  1. Trump inaugural committee donations and spending – Southern District of New York
  2. Trump inaugural committee donations / committee chairman’s ties to Middle East – East District of New York
  3. Business and political dealings of top fund-raiser for Trump’s campaign and inauguration – Justice Department’s public integrity section
  4. Role of Trump and others in concealing hush money payments – Southern District of New York
  5. Trump’s lawyers offered presidential pardon to Trumps former personal lawyer Michael Cohen – Southern District of New York
  6. Allegations of inflated insurance claims – Southern District of New York
  7. Pending prosecution of Roger J. Stone Jr. – U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C.
  8. Lobbying violations by firms recruited by former Trump campaign chairman – Southern District of New York
  9. Pending prosecution of former Paul Manafort associate – U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C.
  10. Bank officer who sought Trump administration job – Southern District of New York

State Investigations

Authorities in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., are also examining Mr. Trump, his businesses and associates through various – mostly civil – investigations.

  1. Trump Organization insurance practices – NY Department of Financial Services
  2. Contributions to Trump inaugural committee – NJ attorney general
  3. Role of Trump’s children and businesses in Trump’s inauguration – DC attorney general
  4. Pending criminal prosecution of Paul Manafort on state mortgage fraud charges – Manhattan district attorney
  5. Allegations of misused charitable assets, self-dealing and campaign finance violations by the Trump Foundation – NY attorney general
  6. Allegations that the Trump Organization inflated financial assets – NY attorney general
  7. Trump family’s tax schemes – NY attorney general
  8. Trump and family underpaid taxes – New York City

Congressional Investigations

In the months since Democrats took control of the House, several committees have opened inquiries that could turn up politically damaging or embarrassing material or, in the case of the obstruction investigation, lead to impeachment proceedings.

  1. Potential foreign influence over Trump and possible attempts to obstruct justice – House Intelligence Committee
  2. Role of Trump and others in concealing hush money payments – House Oversight and Reform Committee
  3. Obstruction of justice and abuse of power by Trump and his administration – House Judiciary Committee
  4. Abuses of the White House Security clearance process – House Oversight and Reform Committee
  5. Trump misrepresented his net work – House Oversight and Reform Committee
  6. Alleged use of private messaging by White House Officials – House Oversight and Reform Committee
  7. Trump’s tax return – House Ways and Means Committee
  8. Trump’s communications with Putin – House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight and Reform Committees
  9. Possible money laundering – House Intelligence and Financial Services Committees
  10. Russian interference in the 2016 election – Senate Intelligence Committee
  11. Proposed U.S. nuclear venture in Saudi Arabia – House Oversight and Reform Committee

Dismissals and Resignations

Incompetence leads all the way to the top and it is evident in all agencies. The best people that were promised are the worse people to ever lead government agencies except for a few like Jim Mattis.

After Mattis became displeased by Trumps incompetence and deciding to resign, Trump tweeted that the former general would be “retiring” at the end of February 2019 to create the appearance the resignation was planned.   However, Mattis wrote a strongly worded resignation letter rebuking Trump foreign policy behavior, and thus became the first ever Secretary of Defense to resign in protest.

Days later, Trump tweeted that Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan would become Acting Secretary on January 1, 2019. Shanahan withdrew from consideration for Secretary of Defense in June 2019 and joined a long list of individuals who either resigned, were dismissed or withdrew from consideration to be appointed to key positions in the administration.

To see full list of the Trump administration’s dismissals and resignations click the below link:

There are more than 100 individuals throughout several government agencies who had the shortest tenure in American government history. The record-setting turnover rate is often marred by career ending scandals. A recent example is that of Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta who had to resign over his negligent handling of a sex trafficking case involving Jeffrey Epstein when he was the U.S. Attorney in Florida back in 2008.

Epstein is now facing federal charges for similar crimes in the state of New York. The defendant was facing more than 50 charges for sexual misconduct in Florida but all was dropped and when he pled guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution, registering as a sex offender, and serving 13 months in a county jail that otherwise released him six days a week to work in his office. Acosta may face charges for failing to informed the victims of the non-prosecution agreement his office made with Epstein.

All the while, elected officials on the Republican side stand and watch with blinded eyes. Politicians like Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell and other members of the Senate and House of Representative continues to enable the behavior this unworthy elected official. As a result, the people are becoming aware of their hypocritical and immoral decisions. Examples are their confirmations of inexperience individuals to lead key departments and supreme court appointments.

The imagination cannot escape the reader that this is absolutely incredulous for one individual to be facing this much investigation and escape unaffected. Defenders should become detractors because everyone who defends or works for this individual seems to fall out of grace just by merely their association.

There are many politicians who may survive the presidency because of the two term limit. Unfortunately, his departure will have cost the American society significantly. His selfish behavior continues to damage the processes that helped to build the democracy.  The politicians who enabled him may lose their seats in the House and Senate but the people will continue to be the losers.   They will have to endure the collapse of political norms, immigration, healthcare and other social programs.

Buchannan, L and Yourush, K. July 11, 2019. “Tracking 29 Investigations Related to Trump”.

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