I needed a break from work and I wanted to getaway to a quiet relaxing place.  My search brought me to a Hawaiian style, family ran accommodation called Ma Blue Garden House Hotel and Restaurant, Okinawa, Japan.  It is a place that makes you smile by spending the time with ease and relaxation and a home cooked meal.

It is a space where you can fully enjoy the quiet and relaxing moment with fascinating beautiful ocean view and it is very convenient as it is connected with a Hawaiian style restaurant on the seaside.  It is a stylish cafe restaurant with the local Hawaiian decoration and the atmosphere! You can see the great scenery from the place!  I was able to spend the whole day relaxing around the hotel while enjoying a tasty meal.

The room I stayed in was called the Green Room.  The scenery is the best in the room. It is a green, colorful, stylish and cute room.  It is a spacious room of 45 square meters. It has a hammock chair and the bath with open space and is attractive!!

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