Letter: In response to Gregory Aboud’s rant

Dear Sir:

A newspaper carried a release by store owner Gregory Aboud, calling for the head of the commissioner of police over his ‘failure’ to stop the ‘ease of killing’ The fact that the paper carried it almost verbatim, without assessing the veracity of his claims or challenging them for fact once again points out, why what we have is copy and paste journalism and not the fact finding media we as a nation desperately need. But let’s leave the beating of that tired horse for another day.

Gregory, I will try my best not to belittle your tantrum, but the truth is, lambasting the commissioner for solving the symptoms of a problem caused in no small part by many of the dirty handed ‘elites’ in society is disingenuous at best, and something that I refuse to let slide.

To the point, you must know Gregory, that those guns that are facilitating the ‘ease of killing’ you lament were not brought into this country by the trigger pullers.

AR15s and AK47s are not cheap my friend. You should have used your column inches wiser, to call for a renewed commission of inquiry into the Drug Trade in Trinidad and Tobago, long overdue since the muzzling of the Scott Drug Report.

Armed with information unearthed by such an inquiry the commissioner can then be guided to act against the real criminals in society who are creating the mess leading to the symptom of ‘ease of killing’ that worries you. So, the white-collar criminals among the monied class who have ruined this country could be exposed and prosecuted, and bring an end to all of it.

Wouldn’t you agree? Let’s ‘problem solve’ Gregory.

Our nation is a narco-state because of the exploitation of porous borders and because 50 percent of all shipping containers leave the port unchecked.

Join us in calling for securing the nation’s borders three miles out at sea, the establishment of the ‘Maritime Security Wall’ where all marine craft – business, pleasure or otherwise can be stopped, boarded and searched for contraband by law enforcement personnel stationed on repurposed oil barges now used to house customs, police, coast guard and immigration, connected by radar and equipped with fast attack gunships and interceptor helicopters to blow those who refuse to stop out of the water.

Join us in calling for the de-stuffing of all shipping containers on the port to bring an end to the drug, dirty money, gun and human cargo trades.

Rally your friends in business to contribute $60 million direct to the commissioner of police, to pay a cash on delivery bounty of $2,000 per gun, direct to police officers as incentive so that the entirety of the illegal armoury can be seized, recorded and destroyed; melted down and sold as scrap iron.

With such an incentive the good men and women of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) would keep the country clean of illegal guns in about a month.

Gregory, like me, you should be beyond sick of those who have a little power or name in society, bleating their lungs over symptoms while ignoring cause. Don’t blame Gary my friend, help him. A commission of inquiry into the Drug Trade in Trinidad and Tobago will give Gary all the names of all the big fish to go after and send the ‘wabines’ and sardines scurrying for cover, including the trigger men causing you such indigestion.

Should he fail to solve the Laventille Hill problem caused on Goodwood Park Hill, I promise to join you in calling for his head. But until we give him the tools to actually do the job you say you want done, the honeymoon cannot be over, it has not even begun.

We’re all still at the reception drunk and dancing, pretending that if we look away from the size of the monsters that have, broken and corrupted every institution of state in this country including, men and women of the TTPS then everything will be alright.

Locking up five or 10,000 unemployed hustlers and seizing 30,000 guns while the school system continues, to pour new recruits out at the rate of 7,000 a year, or while any pirogue could motor up the Caroni loaded with a fresh arsenal is an exercise in stupid futility.

We all want a better country Gregory, but treating symptoms while ignoring cause is the textbook definition of a fool’s errand.

Surely, you at least know that. Want better? Do better.

Phillip Edward Alexander

Political Leader of the Progressive Empowerment Party

Story first appeared at caribbeannewsnow.com

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