Easy Tips to Making a Delicious and Quick Breakfast

This article provides simple tips to make a delicious and easy-to-make breakfast that anyone can make despite their schedule or workload.

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Many people in this day and age cannot or are not willing to spar a moment for breakfast at the beginning of the day. Some attribute this to having demanding schedules and thus having no time to skip breakfast. Others, for example, our mothers, cannot spare a moment to have breakfast since they are busy tending to everyone else and ensuring the household's routine runs smoothly. Due to these reasons and many more, people tend to forgo breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Due to the period between dinner and breakfast, it is ill-advised to miss breakfast for any reason because your body needs nourishment after such a long time between meals. This article provides simple tips to make a delicious and easy-to-make breakfast that anyone can make despite their schedule or workload.

Advance cooking

As is customary to many breakfasts, you need something else to fill your stomach with the drink as an accompaniment. The problem is getting enough time in the morning to prepare an excellent healthy breakfast meal. Cooking the night before can help cut down the breakfast preparation time to ensure you take a full breakfast and not mess up your schedule. Breakfast foods like sausages, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, and oatmeal, among others, can be prepared beforehand and still be delicious in the morning when you partake. Also, preparing and packing food packets that can stay fresh and edible for a certain period helps in morning time management. You will have a ready-to-eat breakfast that does not need strenuous preparation.

Keeping it simple

As stated earlier, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but a big heavy breakfast does not necessarily mean an excellent healthy breakfast. By keeping it simple and eating right, you can get as much nourishment from a small, simple breakfast as a big heavy breakfast. A fruit smoothie coupled with avocado toast fills your body with enough sustenance to start your day and is simple and easy to prepare, even with a tight morning schedule.

Organize morning beverages at night

Organizing involves setting up the drink/drinks you plan to have the following day before sleeping. This preparation helps reduce the time spent making the beverage in the morning and helps save time. In general, it entails filling the appliances that need water with water, preparing the ingredients for the drink for immediate use in the morning, for example, preparing the ingredients for a smoothie, sorting the coffee beans for your preferred kona coffee in the morning, and preparing appliances for instant use. This way, there is no excuse not to partake in a morning cup of your preferred drink before beginning your day.

Clean kitchen

Motivation is a significant factor that drives us to perform tasks and get work done. And as insignificant as it seems, a clean, neat kitchen is a high motivation factor that will prompt you to prepare breakfast in the morning. Ensuring that the kitchen is clean before going to sleep gives you a convenient workplace for breakfast preparation in the morning. It makes cleaning afterward easy since the number of utensils needing a wash will be few and manageable. Also, the feeling of having a satisfying breakfast and a clean kitchen after that is sure to give you enormous satisfaction as you begin your day.


To make your breakfast experience simple and easy to ensure you never miss breakfast again, you can use these and many more techniques to always fit the first meal of the day into your schedule. Breakfast carries a significant amount of importance concerning our bodies' nourishment and health. It is crucial never to miss it.

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