5 Ways to Support Your Daughter Interested in STEM

There are more opportunities for women in STEM than ever before. Here are some ways you can support your daughter interested in STEM fields.

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We Need Women in STEM Fields

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Historically, white men have been the leaders in these fields. The STEM fields are begging for diversity for a variety of reasons. Technology is driven by innovation, and innovation is what has made our lives what they are today. Without the creativity, innovation, and curiosity of our forefathers, we would have never achieved the amazing feats that we have achieved. Humans are able to breathe underwater, fly in the sky, and drive in cars all because someone was curious and passionate. Minorities and women have had less opportunity to break into the STEM fields in the past, but things have definitely changed. Now, it is up to parents to encourage their daughters to get involved in STEM careers. Have you ever wondered how you can encourage your daughter to take more of an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? Today you will find some interesting solutions.

  1. 1 Start Young

    Your daughter has been watching you from the time she was born, so start when she is young to read her books about science, engineering, technology, and math. When she sees these subjects as simple and normal, it is only natural that she will have an affinity for them.

  2. 2 Make STEM Learning Fun

    Science is the base focus of STEM, and it is truly all around us. From the air that we breathe to the stars in the sky, science is life. When your daughter only sees science as something that is learned in school, she might not take an interest in it. Generally, the one-fits-all model for teaching in schools does not appeal to all young minds. Help your daughter to see that STEM subjects can be interesting. Play games with your daughter, and have her show you how things work. Build things, create, and do fun science experiments.

  3. 3 Look for Role Models

    We all appreciate it when we see a role model who is interested in things that interest us. Reshma Saujani is the Girls Who Code founder, and she is passionate about teaching young women when it comes to STEM subjects. Reshma Saujani is an amazing role model because she has bravely taken on projects that would be intimidating to some. Find out more information about Reshma Saujani by watching her amazing Ted Talks video with your daughter.

  4. 4 Delve into Your Daughter’s Interest

    Children are curious, so use that curiosity to find which of the various STEM subjects interest your daughter. If you find that she has a deep interest in science, take her to tour a science lab at the local university. You can do the same for any other industry that she might be interested in. Help her to be a mini intern so that she can see real-life applications by a STEM professional.

  5. 5 Put Your Daughter in STEM Courses

    Even though your daughter will be exposed to some aspects of STEM in school, she could benefit from extra courses. You can find kid webinars online, or you could even put her into a camp for kids who are interested in STEM. Help her to learn more about the STEM subjects that interest her, and even if it signifies an investment for you, your daughter is worth it.

STEM Fields Need Women

Diversity is what truly drives our universe and our world. When we have a diverse group of individuals who are working in science, math, technology, and engineering, we have a world that is made for everyone. The world needs your daughter, so teach her to thrive in STEM fields.


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