How to Upgrade Your Website for Increased Conversions

Getting conversions on your eCommerce site can be difficult. Here are some tips on how you can upgrade your website for increased conversions.

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Regardless of the size of your business, whether you are a new entrepreneur, a small business owner, or run a successful corporation, the benefits of having a website far outweigh the work envisioned to maintain them. Used in conjunction with social media sites, having a good website can take your business up a notch and drive your competition crazy.

However, the purpose of websites is to increase the customers you reach, increase customer engagement, encourage your customers to buy your products. Trying to get more customers leaves many companies to realize that they must upgrade their websites to improve conversion rates.

In e-commerce terms, the conversion rate is a percentage of customers who come to the website versus those who take a specific action like making a purchase. Businesses, large and small, seek an increased rate of conversion. Therefore, the need to upgrade websites is essential to make this happen.

There are multiple ways to upgrade a website, like removing distractions, offering money-back guarantees, and adding pop-ups to the website that work to elevate a website for increased conversion. Four other ways are:

  1. 1 Make Your Purchase Page Extremely Simple

    You want everything about visiting your site to be extremely simple for your customers to complete. That means no lengthy or complicated registration or purchase pages. If you're really interested in making it simple, skip the registration page altogether (unless you need that information later), since customers don't like them.

    Many sources confirm that 70 percent of carts get abandoned before the purchase is complete. Although companies are deploying different tactics to remind customers about their cart, customers complain that the number of pages they have to go through to get to the final sale page is annoying and not worth the hassle.

    If you must have a registration page, update your website to reduce the number of fields, have fewer words, and make the page short. Don't overreach; instead, ask only for usable, necessary information.

  2. 2 Add Testimonials, Reviews, and Logos

    Testimonials and reviews are a way to establish credibility with new shoppers. They guide potential customers to products and answer questions about your business. Some things website owners should look for when publishing testimonials and reviews are:

    Pick the testimonials that don't sound like an advertisement; instead, they provide details about how the product will work. These kinds of testimonials drive sales.

    Put a face and name with the testimonial. Adding a picture to the testimonial or review helps ensure the potential buyer feels confident that the testimonial or review came from a person and not a bot.

    Include testimonials, reviews, and your business logo all over your website, where appropriate. When a visitor is on your site, don't let them forget whose page it is.

  3. 3 Track Your Activity

    Your website is where you have control of what visitors see when they show up on your website. You can also use the information to find out where your customers are coming from, what device they are shopping on, their spending habits, the demographics of your customers, and more. There are companies, small and large, to track and make all of the activity make sense. Some will even offer free trial live activity tracking so that you can make the changes necessary to your website for increasing conversion.

  4. 4 Add Live Web Chat to Your Website

    Gone are the days of customer service representatives on the phone. Now live web chat is a method of allowing web visitors to communicate in real-time. They pop up on websites while visitors are on the page and service as a help desk and support. Some benefits of live chat for improving website are:

    • Customers prefer live chat software.
    • Online chat software builds trust.
    • Live chat software can drive up sales
    • Customers enjoy the communication with live chat


There are multiple ways to upgrade a website, for instance, removing distractions, offering money-back guarantees, and adding pop-ups to the website. These things work to upgrade a site for increased conversion. Other ways are adding testimonials, reviews, and logos, making your purchase page easy to navigate, tracking activity, and adding live web chat software. These four tips for upgrading your website will increase your conversion rates.


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