WATCH: Jahvillani’s New Single “Pro-Gress!” from the Album Dirt To Bentley

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VP Records

Following a career-defining year in 2019, Jahvillani is gearing up to release his VP Records-distributed album, Dirt to Bentley. The 13-track record, produced entirely by longtime collaborator Tevin "YGF" Richards (for YGF Records), Adrian "Mastermind" Martin Lawrence, Ridwaan Razak, and Jahvillani, delves into life, relationships with women, and a variety of other themes.

“Pro-Gress,” the first single, was released on June 25th, 2021. The project's title comes from the follow-up lead track, "Dirt to Bentley," which includes the silky vocals of New York-based Dancehall artist Kranium. The two recount their journey from modest origins (‘dirt') to success (‘Bentley').

Dirt to Bentley was recorded in Jamaica and transports listeners on a musical trip through Jahvillani's climb to his newfound existence. The boastful noises of celebration and retrospection are brought to the forefront. The atmospheric “1Gov't Bad.Ness” has the singer spitting spitfire vocals over grime-influenced bass-booming music. On "First Class Flight," we see the confluence of Trinidad's best with Prince Swaany.

The Skillibeng-assisted “Smooth” lives true to its name as it serves as a trigger for the two musicians' intense lyrical interaction. Both musicians provide smooth songs for the millennium's ladies who are his paramours; he adores the plethora of beauty that strives for his attention. Songs such as "Love At First Sight," "Powerful (Brand New)," "Dat Way," and "Broken" demonstrate his charm.

Jahvillani includes Trance1 GOV for "Scheme," a boastfully canorous explanation detailing the attention their existence necessitates. “Pro-Gress” over a repeating string chord appropriately portrays the artist's strides throughout his life, followed by the triumphal Afrobeat-inspired “”

As the album draws to a close, Jahvillani offers a contemplative and pleasurable “Journey” before concluding with “Jahvi 3:16,” the artist's creative interpolation of John 3:16 that serves as an outro as he speaks more honestly about the lessons he has learned from life's ups and downs.

Despite the fact that his career is still in its early stages, it is evident that Jahvillani has carved out his own niche within Jamaica's musical scene, and his single "Dirt to Bentley" is just the beginning.

When questioned about the industry, Jahvillani says, "The adjustment I would make to the music business is to provide more place for young rising artists, and for the music industry to be regarded as a platform for creatives, rather than a 'crab in a barrel' mindset." Wileside represents one administration, but the globe is not a one-man show. It's a bunch of young men that are ushering in the next generation of music.” Jahvillani is slowly working towards this objective with Dirt to Bentley, using his particular sound to establish his spot in Dancehall.


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