6 Decor Tips for Small Apartments

Even tiny apartments deserve a cozy and elegant feeling. Make your space your own with these decor tips for small apartments.

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Whether you're a decor enthusiast or not, it can be understandably overwhelming to figure out how to decorate a small apartment. Thankfully, there are some amazing tricks you can utilize in order to maximize the space you actually have. As you approach the process, consider these six tips you can use in order to beautifully decorate your small apartment.

1. Hang Large Mirrors and Artwork

When you move into a small apartment, the common assumption leans toward avoiding large items. While you want to be mindful of the sizes of different pieces, it's okay to purchase a large mirror that fills up a large amount of space on the main wall in a room. In fact, it's wise to invest in large pieces of artwork that can become statement pieces that set the tone for the rest of the decor. Choose calming, eye-catching pieces like fine art nature photography. In order to maximize the amount of natural light your home gets hang a large mirror on the opposite wall of the window.

2. Invest in Multi-Purpose Items

Look for furniture that can serve numerous purposes. An ottoman that also opens up as a storage unit can be a great place to elevate your feet and store a child's toys at the end of the day. As you look for multipurpose pieces, it'll be easier to use less square footage on numerous items. As you look for multipurpose pieces, try to find items that aren't clunky. Look for clean, sleek lines as this can add to the visual appeal of a clutter-free, spacious apartment even if it is small.

3. Less is More

If you have more items than you have space, it's time to declutter. Decluttering and clearing out your space can transform any apartment. Oftentimes, people hold onto unnecessary junk and items that serve to make the room look more confined. By getting rid of a lot of items that you don't need, you can instantly create a more spacious look for your apartment. Work on maintaining cleanliness as this can also elevate the look of an apartment more than a colorful area rug can. It's also good to remember that you don't need to follow all of the decor trends for the season. In fact, less tends to be more. By investing in a statement piece for each room, you can create a strong visual aesthetic in a small space.

4. Add Natural Elements

When you go to pick up your groceries, pick up a small bouquet of flowers as well. Arrange the flowers as a centerpiece for the kitchen or the living room. This small contribution can elevate the look of your apartment. Even if you place the bouquet in the bathroom, it just adds a sense of sophistication and style. If you have the space for it, consider investing in an indoor plant such as a spider plant or a fiddle leaf fig. A large indoor plant can look stunning in the corner of a room.

5. Create Distinctions between Spaces

Open floor plans are better suited for larger homes. When you're in a smaller space, it's much better to create defined distinctions between the various spaces.

6. Maintain a Consistent Theme

One of the best ways to maintain a sense of continuity is through cultivating a specific theme. When you're able to stick to a theme, it'll help you to remain focused when it's time to buy various decor pieces. However, make sure it doesn't look chaotic. If you choose to develop a theme around your love for globe-trotting, include different pieces throughout all of the rooms. Don’t try to dedicate an entire room to a specific country or continent. If you exit a Kenyan-inspired kitchen and enter a Russian-inspired bedroom, this can easily look cluttered and confusing to the eye. Instead, install a floating shelf that showcases different pieces from your travels across the world.

Even though it can be understandably tempting, resist the urge to decorate the entire apartment at once. Instead, take your time developing a decor strategy that works for your lifestyle. As you live in the space, you'll be able to recognize the things you need in order to curate a place that truly feels like home. So if the decor project takes you six months or a year, know that it's time well spent.


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