The Audacity of Recognizing the Modern Financial Class System

No matter what period of time we live in, humans always find a way to create a separation of people base on their social standings guided by their level of wealth.

Outrage appears to become easier today due to the constant barrage of news that inflicts neurological attacks on our consciousness.  What to believe is becoming harder to decipher.  False reporting is becoming more frequent.  The struggle for truthful information is a war that has been waging for centuries.  Political elites and the common people has always been segregated by the idea of governance.  This leads to a false actuality.

Power and wealth has always been granted to the elites.  They purposely fake their desire to elevate the situation of common people.  They always project false concern for the people,  all the while manipulating the system to benefit the 1%.  As a result, one must live in a society that is govern by misguided leadership.  They make unrealistic promises and propose grander ideas to prevent good policies from getting pass.  Hate and distrust of foreigners persist and leads to fear and unpleasantness between neighbors.

Although it is believed that a small reminisce of the old hierarchy system exists in the modern society, that too is a false assumption.  It is more than we can imagine.  A small percent of people in ancient monarchies, dynasties and empires excelled by using a variety of class systems to control majority of the population.  In todays world, this system continues with a larger gap due to the lack of access to wealth and resources.  As a result common people are still disenfranchised regardless of their designated “race”.

Those in power and/or seeking power always attempt to maintain this system.  Rome fell.  The pharaohs time ended.  The British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian empires all fell or have been weakened over time.  Just like those before them, modern systems of government will eventually fail if they do not change course.  They must start to acknowledge the failures of tribalism, nationalism and capitalism.  They have to offer a pathway to a more inclusive system of governance that benefits all and not just a few.

Mans intentions are often misguided by their desire to achieve greatness.  So-called leaders often fail to recognize their most precious resource and commodity is the earth and the people who live within it.  Unfortunately, the people are misguided by selfish desires that contributes to unforeseen consequences.  This leads to the rise of the larger than life figure who claims “Me alone” can fix all societal problems.  People are convinced by this claim and join the movement willfully.  By tapping into the emotions of the “forgotten majority” and promising changes that will benefit every citizen, those charlatans continue to win elections.

Voters often realize after the election, the claims were lies used to deceive and to get them closer to controlling the wealth and resources of the nation.  Once they have, they always refuse to give it back to the people.  That is another reason social justice and civil liberty have never been at the forefront of any major political platform.

In a capitalistic society, social programs are demonized by those in power.  Socialism is not a system of governance, but programs used to care for those within the society.  Opportunities offered through social programs breeds innovation and create instances where those benefiting from it continues to revolutionize the world.

But due to the financial class system, greed and selfishness causes a reduction in opportunities.  Neighbors verbally express their outrage for injustice but their actions reflects their willingness to condone continued injustice.  Some are conflicted when considering why should they care about implementing social systems that guarantees reasonable benefits for those less fortunate.  But those living under the injustice of the system often consider why should they continue to contribute to a society where they cannot reap any of the benefits? But is that a truthful question or statement?  There are several opportunities available for people to take advantage of, however the lack of knowledge prevent them from attaining it.  This is also a part of the system that ensure a small percentage of the population benefits from available resources.  Does it seem fair?

Every citizen born within a society should have the right to a home, nutrition, healthcare, education, and guaranteed equal protection under the law.  No one should be left behind socially or professional just because they cannot afford the cost to survive in a society.  All citizens have the right to live a peaceful and fruitful life regardless of their financial situation, but in this modern financial class system that can never happen.

The solution is simple, educate yourself about every policy, practice and principles that governs your local, regional and national political environment.  Teach others what you have learnt and consciously reject those who use false claims to win elections and elect those who have the experience of leadership and empathy for all citizens.  Individuals who will not subjugate their principles by doing the bid of special interest.  Money in politics breath corruption.  Join unions, work with social groups who have a vested interest in bettering the lives of every citizen regardless of race and religion.

The financial class system can change when the people in office have other careers besides being an elected official.  Right now those in office have more wealth than the people who they govern.  If majority of the people in office were middle class, the values of the common person would become the forefront of every political platform.

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Timothy Douglas
Timothy is a staff writer for FiWEH Life, providing commentaries on various topics relating to the Caribbean diaspora with the popular blog "Labba Mout". Timothy has been with FiWEH Life from the very beginning and continues to provide his commentaries on emerging issues.


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