What You Should Look for When Picking Out Senior Care

To make the best decision for your household or your loved one, consider the ideas listed below.

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Choosing extra help for your benefit or for your loved one can be a challenge on many fronts. If your elderly loved one is determined to resist help, they may be at risk of a serious injury if they try to do too much on their own. To make the best decision for your household or your loved one, consider the ideas listed below.

  1. 1 Make a Realistic Determination of How Much Assistance is Needed

    Does your loved one need a bit of help a couple of times a week, or do they need help bathing on a daily basis? Making this determination can mean the difference between getting some help from Medicare or another health care plan. Full-time coverage is not available, but temporary or part-time help is often available. If you can start early and prevent falls and injuries to put off the need for full-time care, your loved one can safely age in place.

  2. 2 Stay Flexible

    Even if you are the person hiring in-home help, the process can be frustrating. Change is always hard, and building a relationship with a caregiver will take time. You may be embarrassed or unhappy that a stranger is

    • working in your kitchen

    • doing your laundry

    • cleaning your bathroom

    • shopping for your groceries

    Stay flexible. Try to plan a time in each visit where you can stop to chat and get to know one another. You need to be certain of this person and comfortable in their presence. Eventually, you will look forward to their visits and build a positive relationship with your caregiver.

  3. 3 Start Early

    If your loved one is currently able to take care of themselves with little trouble, start in-home senior care once a week. Bring them in to handle laundry before your loved one takes a tumble with a laundry basket. Encourage them to consider this as no different than hiring someone to mow the lawn. While an in-home caregiver is different from a housekeeper, you can ask them to do light housework. Bring them in for two days a week and ask them to fix a meal and have a conversation with your loved one.

    By laying the foundation of a healthy relationship with a caregiver before one is needed, your loved one will be safer. Focus on safety. While talking about bringing in a bit of help to check on them, do a little housework and fix a meal, make sure you also encourage

    • updated lighting

    • a medical alert necklace

    • fire extinguishers and a home alarm

    • a careful review of flooring

    It takes only one serious fall to radically change the lifespan of your loved one, not to mention the quality of the remainder of their life. Additional risks include cooking fires and old heating equipment.

  4. 4 Get a Little Help When Needed

    Consider also contacting a professional home care agency for seasonal or occasional visits. For example, if your loved one feels good during the summer but struggles with arthritis pain as winter comes on, you may be able to get help from October to March. Make sure that you discuss your plans with your loved ones and ask them to discuss it with their physician. Getting this extra help may well be covered by insurance with an order from a doctor.


Find a senior care aide that your loved one enjoys talking to. If your loved one loves kids, encourage the aide to bring photos of their children. Encourage your loved one and their aide to take the time necessary to get to know one another.


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