Personal History Slipping Away From Us


When you are born in 1917, you get to see more than your share of changes in society. From a time when Africans in the west were called Negroes, now becoming true citizens within diverse nations.

We often fail to realize that history is not only what is recorded but is also what is pass down through word of mouth. One of the most important piece of history that is now fledging is personal family history and that is due to our unwillingness to recognize and value our elderly.

There are several families who cannot trace their roots of their ancestors and who denies their off-springs the opportunity to learn the history of those ancestors.  In todays society, we find it easier to focus on our future instead of the past.  Our appreciation for our ancestors and what they did to cause us to be apart of this world is disappearing.

In some Asian countries like Japan, the population holds the highest esteem for their ancestors, even referring to them as gods after a period of time.  Their appreciation runs deep in most parts of the society whether through traditions, celebrations and customs.  The fact is none of us would be here if it weren’t for the  contribution of our ancestors regardless of how we feel about them.

Our personal history should not be fading, we should past it down to our children and emphasize on the importance of knowing our family’s origin, their journey and how they contributed to us being a part of this brave new world.  Just imagine, if most of them were around today to see how our society and family values have changed.  Just remember, family is important.

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Timothy is a staff writer for FiWEH Life, providing commentaries on various topics relating to the Caribbean diaspora with the popular blog "Labba Mout". Timothy has been with FiWEH Life from the very beginning and continues to provide his commentaries on emerging issues.
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