Fashion Essentials for Any Busy Mom

Below, you can find five fashion essentials that any mom can use when they are trying to update their wardrobe to fit their lifestyle.

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Moms seem to be always on the go and are always trying to juggle so many things at once between taking care of the house, caring for their children, and even going to work. As a mom, you still want to be fashionable, but you want to wear clothing that is convenient for you and that is flexible. It is important that you have clothing that has practicality in mind and that it still fits in with the latest trends. Below, you can find five fashion essentials that any mom can use when they are trying to update their wardrobe to fit their lifestyle.

1. High-Quality Jeans

What mom does not want is a good pair of blue jeans, especially when the current style is that "mom jeans", as they are affectionately called, are in style. Make sure that you have at least one high-waisted pair that represents the "mom jean" style, a nice skinny pair of jeans, a pair of jeans that are cropped, and even straight-leg jeans. These pants come in a variety of different colors too so you can wear them with any outfit. Plus, if you get high-quality pieces, they will last you for years to come, and it is difficult to imagine jeans ever going out of style.

2. Basic T-Shirts

Basic t-shirts can also be so well made and they can go with any outfit. You can even dress these up to go with your skirts or to even wear with a nice pair of slacks, tucked-in, with a belt. Make sure that you get several colors of comfortable t-shirts too so that you have one that will go with your jeans or other pieces for any day of the week. They are available as tank tops, v-necks, and even as the classic, high-neck t-shirt that everyone knows and loves.

3. Lightweight Jackets

As a mom, you likely are running errands all of the time and may even go on drives around your neighborhood to get the kids to nap. For example, Southern Lady clothes include these lightweight jackets that are easy to throw on and wear wherever you need to go. If you are going out in the morning, for instance, you may get a bit chilly and you may want to stay warm with your children. Plus, these jackets are even comfortable for lounging around at home if you just want to feel extra cuddly when you finally have a moment to relax.

4. Comfortable Shoes

As mentioned, as a mom you are always on your feet trying to soothe the baby or on the go. Make sure you have a good pair of tennis shoes that go with everything and a durable pair of sandals that will last for many seasons. You can even go for a pair of heels that have memory foam or a pair of flats that mould to your feet if you want to get a little more dressed up. There are so many different styles of these shoes too so you can feel on-trend.

5. Crossbody Bags

If your children are past the age of needing a diaper bag, you need to upgrade to a new bag. Consider a crossbody bag that can still hold snacks for the little ones and can hold all of the essentials that you need. These crossbody bags allow you to carry more weight with ease as they distribute the weight across both of your shoulders, and you can lift up your child easily if you need to. These bags also look like a classic purse too so that you can be a mom in style.

Final Thoughts

Just because you are a mom does not mean that you do not get to be as fashionable as you once were. You can still be in style by adding some essential pieces and accessories to your wardrobe that will also keep you comfortable. Make sure you have a decent pair of jeans and some high-quality t-shirts that you can throw on any day of the week. Bring along a crossbody bag to hold everything you need, and put on your favorite pair of shoes, ensuring that they will support your feet. Finish off with a nice jacket if it is chilly outside that is breathable.


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