Advice for Lawyers Seeking CLE Credits

Lawyers need to complete a certain amount of CLE credits in order to maintain their license. Here is some advice for any lawyer looking to fill this requirement.

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In order to become a lawyer, you have to undergo an extensive amount of education and training through your undergraduate degree program, and then, through years of law school. Even after you receive your credentials, you will be a lifelong learner due to the CLE credits, or continuing legal education credits, you need to stay licensed. You can obtain these credits in a variety of ways including through Unlimited CLE online and other digital programs. You need to find classes that provide the CLE credits that you will enjoy and that will be meaningful to your career though, which is why it is important to follow tips like those below.

Think About the Topics

You need to first decide how much money you are willing to put in to obtain your CLE credits. If you just want to get them over with, you may take a course that is more affordable on a topic that you really do not care about. For classes that are specified to your career path and that are necessary to your reputation, you will likely pay a bit more. YOu will likely find more worth in these topics though as you are more likely to focus on them as they will impact you directly.

Look at Bundles

Every year, you will have to take enough CLE credits as are required by your state for your licensure. Sometimes, it may be less money and less stress for you if you purchase a CLE bundle that encompasses all of the credits that you need for the year. Often, in these bundles, there are many options for the classes that you can take so that the topics remain interesting to you. You also get as much time as you need as you will be given a flexible schedule to complete the classes within the year.

Go Networking

As a lawyer, you may have already met a large number of networking professionals who are also in the field. You may have even decided to join a bar association in your state or in your community that already offers you advice and support. Sometimes, these bar associations can give you CLE credit courses for free, and some of your partners in the field may know about some great courses. Sometimes, your law school may even offer courses to you that you can learn about by staying connected with your professors and fellow alumni.

Check the Deals

CLE credits, as has been mentioned throughout this article, can be quite expensive. Sometimes, around the holidays especially, these courses go on sale, and you can knock out your courses during the holidays at a discounted rate that is sure to benefit you. You can then aid the sales you find in your networking search as you can let other professionals who are looking for inexpensive credits about the sale. This will help you to develop trust and to develop friendships in the field that you need in order to provide success.

Book Trade Shows

There are trade shows for almost any industry, and the legal industry is no different with a different trade show happening all of the time. One of the most popular is LegalTech, and if you decide to go to this trade show, you will be given plenty of opportunities for CLE credits. Sometimes, if you cannot go out of town, you can even virtually attend some of these trade shows. You can then receive the same credits through a virtual class that is hosted at the trade show, as long as you sign up to be a part.

Final Thoughts

Working as a lawyer is not an easy task, and there is a lot of work involved for your clients alone. There is also a lot of work involved to ensure that you are able to continue helping the clients and speaking in court. This work involves attending the educational classes that give you CLE credits that are required on a yearly basis to keep your licensure active. You can find these credits almost anywhere, and sometimes they are even free or done digitally to make your learning process as simple as possible.


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