5 Great Tools for Large-Scale Home Renovation

Do you have a big home renovation project you've been dreaming about? Whether you're a house flipper or just redoing your basement, here are some tools for the job!

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Is It Time for A Remodel?

If you have considered remodeling your home, then you are not alone. While some families make the decision to relocate to a new home, savvy homeowners capitalize on the home that they have already invested in. There may be some serious upgrades that your home may need, so you are going to have to collect innovative tools that allow you to do a large-scale renovation. The following is a list of some of the handy tools that you may need

#1 A Stud Sensor

A stud sensor is a helpful tool that will allow you to electronically sense the location of the studs in your wall. If you are going to be attaching something to a wall or any other structure, you want to be able to drill where there is already a stud that can take the weight. If you only guess where the stud is located, that can cause a lot of frustration. A stud sensor t is a great way for you to add on to your home without a lot of headaches.

#2 A Sledgehammer

There is no doubt that you are going to have to knock down plenty of walls if you are going to do a remodel. A sledgehammer is a basic tool, but it is extremely efficient and handy. Keep in mind that if you are going to be using a sledgehammer, there is going to be a lot of dust in the air, so you want to wear your respirator mask while demolishing walls.

#3 Cordless Drill and Bits

When you are renovating, you are going to have to use a drill constantly. It can be annoying and hazardous to use a drill that has a cord. A cordless drill is a great way for you to have more mobility while you are moving and building for your remodel.

#4 Lifting Equipment

You may believe that all you need is a ladder for your remodel, but when it comes to fatal falls, they are the leading cause of death in the US, and 43% of those falls involve a ladder. You want to be able to reach high places without putting your life in danger, so you do well to rent lifting equipment that allows you to get to high places without posing a hazard.

#5 Saws

You are going to need a number of different saws when you carry out your project. This could be a jigsaw, a bandsaw or a table saw. Since you will be doing a lot of measuring and attaching, you want to have the right saw for the job.

You Can't Do It All

When it comes to a remodeling project, you have to know the things that you can accomplish and the things that are going to be beyond your skillset. For example, you may want to hire 3D laser scanning services to do all of the 3-D measurements for your home. This is a service that can help you minimize risk and avoid misalignments. Apart from that, you may want to hire out other contractors for jobs that may require too much of your time and energy. Even if you are a professional construction worker, not all jobs have to be done on your own. There are qualified contractors that you can work with who can do some of the jobs that you don't want to do. Home renovation can be gratifying and also overwhelming, so do the work that you can, and feel confident in the contractors that you hire for the work that you don't want to do.

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