Back in time . . . Lil Rick served up Sunday School

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Still on the high from the successful staging of the Hypa Dawg Party on Instagram live this past week, Rickey Reid showed why he is considered one of the island’s premier entertainers.

The Chihuahua Businessman launched his second social media show in as many weeks. The back-in-time fete, Sunday School, was this week’s production, which highlighted his skill and diversity as a deejay. He described the show, which was switched to the Facebook platform, as “Big tunes that are not for little children.”

Fans from across the world enjoyed an impressive array of old school music during the session. Lil Rick has built up a following as one of the most sought after deejays for dances. Sunday School held a special appeal for his fans who clamoured to see him in locations like Buddy’s Soca. Regular dance goers who would have been missing their usual regime were able to enjoy their favourite music from the confines of their home.

The artiste is unique in his ability to attract fans from across varying demographics. He told Bajan Vibes: “Many people do not realise it, but I started to deejay with these old classics. This was the music I cut my teeth on with my uncle Dan Reid.”

His opening segment set the tone with some classic oldie goldies including local treats from Cheryl Hackett like Beautiful and Unspoilt and Wendy Alleyne’s He’s So Fine. The evening of sweet music also included some vintage reggae tracks, but throughout the event Lil Rick played some of the non-traditional tracks that you may not hear regularly.

He encouraged his excited viewers to dance. Based on their comments, they followed his instructions and were dripping sweat as a result. Fans were undoubtedly singing along with him to some old soca favourites like Baron’s Sweet Soca Man, Carew’s Snake in the Grass, RPB’s Something in the Music and Gabby’s Jack.

Lil Rick was in fine form and what made the session even more enjoyable were his witty quips in between and his dancing. He easily transported viewers to the darkened dancefloor of their favourite dance spots.

Even when the show closed two hours later, his fans were still craving more and there were repeated calls for him to add another hour to the program. Although he did not follow that directive, he added a couple more songs for their pleasure.

In the hour immediately following the production, the video had already racked up over ten thousand views. The upcoming editions promise to be just as exciting. The sessions will be interactive as the viewers will be able to make live calls to big up their crews and there will be giveaways and special guests in these online sessions.

Fans can look forward to the second instalment of the Hypa Dawg Party this coming Friday and another exciting edition of Sunday School.(STT)

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