How to Start Living a Healthier and Happier Life

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The coronavirus pandemic took a toll on our health and happiness. Thus, the nearly 25% of the global population that said they were unhealthy in 2019 may have grown. Now that events are settling down it's time to start living again.

The main reason is you weren't put on this planet to muddle through. You're here to make a difference for those around you. It's why the time is ripe to live a healthier and happier life. Here are a few tips to do so.

Be A Good Eater

Being a good eater doesn't mean you must stick to a strict diet that lacks the rich stuff. You can have the sweets and the meals out on occasion. The rest of the time look to eat at home.

However, those meals don't have to be plain chicken breast and broccoli. There are plenty of healthy ways to make your recipes flavorful. Herbs and spices, some grown in your own garden, brighten up a meal. Items like polyphenol-rich olive oil, sold locally and online at places like Morocco Gold, help protect you from ailments like hypertension, bad cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes.


Hydration is a critical component to living a healthier and happier life. This doesn't mean constantly drinking sugary soda and vanilla shakes. It means drinking water and lots of it.

Experts say you should intake approximately half your body weight in water. This might be difficult to do in one shot. However, it can happen over an entire day. When you hydrate you maintain your bodily fluids and chemicals like potassium. It flushes out your system and makes you feel less bloated.

Change Your Mindset

In the 1950s, plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz declared that it takes 21 days to change a habit. In particular, those that are bad for you. A negative mindset is certainly a poor habit to have. So, it's best to get started on changing it right now.

One way to do this is to create a mantra that you constantly repeat throughout the day. As this happens, new neural paths are created in your brain to receive the good habit. Eventually, the rapid paths to negative thought collapse.

Don't give up if it doesn't happen in 21 days. Some bad habits want to hang on until the last possible moment.

Get Outside

Nature does wonders. First, a simple walk in the woods, around the lake, or even in your neighborhood tones your muscles. It also releases the right amounts of dopamine and serotonin in your brain to lift your mood.

Second, it allows you to slow down. Your life runs at a supersonic pace. Going outside and simply observing everything around you helps to ease the quickness of your life. It also reveals how important you are to this world.


Meditation comes in many forms, and one of them should fit your needs. The way many people know the practice is through what they've seen on television or in movies. In other words, people sit cross-legged on the floor and quietly chant.

This doesn't work for everyone. That's why you can meditate by sitting or laying down in a comfortable position and concentrate on your breathing. Or you can do a walking meditation, slowing moving about and taking everything in. Try all these methods to discover the one you enjoy the most.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

You only have one life. Though you've heard this before it bears repeating. Throughout those days, weeks, and years you encounter plenty of peaks and an equal number of valleys. If you sweat those valleys, even the smallest ones, your happiness will be curtailed.

Granted, you don't want to live your life hiding under a rock. There will be times where you feel sad or angry. However, don't let the small things that go on in your life go from molehills to mountains. Take a breath, give the situation some space, and come at it in a different direction.

The items mentioned above are only a small sample of ways to start living a healthier and happier life. Take your time to implement these. Eventually, you'll feel better and filled with more joy than you were in the past.


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