How to Study Your Way to Exam Success

Setting study goals and organizing your time is what you will need to do before an exam.


Preparing and studying for an exam is vital to get good grades. Setting study goals and organizing your time is what you will need to do before an exam. Here are the practical guidelines to reduce the exam tension and study your way to exam success.

  1. 1 Active Revision

    Active revision is beneficial than copying a text or passively reading. Make flashcards or take part in a discussion group. You can create a study group. It will provide you with moral support and a wide range of information. You can also do a practice exam to know how your actual exams will look like.

  2. 2 Taking Care Of Yourself

    Study hard but smart. Create time to go out with your family, play with your pet, go for a walk, get plenty of sleep, and eat healthily. Avoid studying in late hours and get at least eight hours of sleep each day. Rest is vital for the proper functioning of your brain. Take part in activities, which are enjoyable before doing the exam to reduce stress. Exam stress is normal, but too much of it can create a negative impact on your performance. Therefore, exercise daily, spend time with friends, and take a regular break.

  3. 3 Having Confidence

    Do not focus on the things you do not know when going to an exam room. When you stress about the things you ought to have done before an exam, it will lead to more distraction. Have confidence in what you already know and focus on the exams ahead.

  4. 4 Ask For Assistance

    Be courageous to seek assistance from your teachers, especially for cpa test prep. If you require clarification on a subject you do not understand, they will be willing to assist. Ask them to take you through the subject you are struggling with. It is better to seek the support around you instead of panicking.

  5. 5 Prepare Yourself

    Prepare in advance. Double-check the exam timetable for the venue and time of your exams. Be sure of the kind of exam you will be doing, for instance, short answers or multiple-choice questions. Pack the items that you will require, including water, pens, and pencils, the night before the exam. Preparation will help you avoid a last-minute rush.

  6. 6 Utilize Your Study Time Well

    Be organized. Create a schedule and know the time that you will require for each subject. Do not cram the night before the exam - it is not an effective way of studying for exams. Study every day little by little and take breaks.

  7. 7 Take a Healthy Breakfast In The Morning

    On exam day, wake up early and take a healthy breakfast. Going to the exam room with an empty stomach will slow down your brain. Also, carry along comfortable clothes since you are unsure about the exam room’s temperature.

  8. 8 Take Your Time

    Avoid discussing what you have studied with your friends while waiting in an exam room. You or your friends might have learned some slightly different things that can cause panic. Before an examination, breathe deeply, sit quietly, and do not keep checking your notes. Once you begin the exam, make sure you read all exam instructions carefully. Keep checking the clock and allocate time for every question. Skip the difficult questions and get back to them later. Use the time given effectively to revise your answers and complete the questions. Avoid leaving the exam room early.

  9. 9 Use Different Learning Techniques

    There are diverse ways of revising and learning. Try some of them and see which one will work for you. You can tape every lesson and listen to it when you get home. Make short notes as you read through.

    Utilizing your study time well, using different learning techniques, and seeking assistance are some of the guidelines to help you study your way to exam success. With the above tips, you will feel more confident going into an examination room.


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