5 Awesome Travel Destinations in the USA

Traveling through the states gives you the chance to enjoy a wide variety of landscapes and many different climates.

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Traveling through the states gives you the chance to enjoy a wide variety of landscapes and many different climates. To stay comfortable, especially if you plan to go camping, you will want to focus on seasonal travel to stay comfortable.

  1. 1 West Coast, Oregon

    If you love the desert, go to eastern Oregon and check out the scrub. If you love mountains, go to Mount Hood. If you love the sea, head for the Oregon coast. Oregon has a strong focus on outdoor life. You will find terrific camping, hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, and surfing.

    Oregon is far enough north that you will feel the difference between summer and winter. While the summers can be quite comfortable, you will face mosquitoes during the spring, summer, and fall. Do make sure to screen up, have plenty of bug spray, and keep your screens zipped up.

  2. 2 Middle of the Country, South Dakota

    While traveling through the middle of the country, make time to stop in South Dakota. Visit the Corn Palace in Mitchell, make sure you check out Mount Rushmore, and head to the Badlands, and go camping in South Dakota.

    The wildlife of South Dakota is a preservation work in progress. You may see wild horses, buffalo, and lots of prairie life. If you love history, go check out Deadwood. Finally, make sure you go check out the Crazy Horse statue as well as the stainless steel Dignity statue.

  3. 3 Southern Travel, Head to Houston

    If you are in the mood for a long road trip, consider a drive through Texas in the spring so you can enjoy the Texas Bluebonnet Bloom. This wildflower is generally blessing the landscape from early March to the middle of April. Weather conditions will impact the start of the blooming seasons, and a hot April will dry out these delightful blooms.

    After you check out the bluebonnets, head south to Houston. If you love science, check out the Johnsons Space Center. If you are a student of war history, take a tour of the USS Texas. For those who are fascinated by the natural world, a trip to the Gem and Mineral Hall of the Houston Museum of Natural Science is critical. You can enjoy both huge diodes and gems in spectacular settings as well as some very rare minerals not found in the United States.

  4. 4 East Coast, Maine

    To escape the heat, plan a trip to Maine. You can rent a cabin on the coast, hike Grafton Notch State Park, enjoy some lobster, and swim in the Atlantic. If you're interested in camping, make sure you check out the area around Acadia National Park.

    Make sure you book your camping spot near Acadia early; this park is on the islands in the Gulf of Maine and space is tight. Additionally, travel to Maine in summer will allow you to actually enjoy a cold summer day. Atlantic breezes will keep you nice and chilly, especially when the sun goes down, so pack camping gear and clothing that will allow you to layer up and keep out the cold and damp.

  5. 5 Colorado

    Except for coastal access, Colorado has a lot to offer travelers. For example, you can head to Colorado Springs and take the cog rail up Pike's Peak. You can drive Pike's Peak, but do be aware that it's possible to suffer from altitude sickness when you get to the top. If you're not sure you can handle the altitude, don't drive your car up there.

    Colorado is loaded with national forests. While camping sites in national parks can be harder to get, there are a lot of spaces in the national forests of Colorado where you can camp for free. If you need a disconnection vacation but don't have a great deal of cash, keep an eye on the weather and fire risk, then plan a trip up to the national forests of Colorado. If possible, try to set up your camp on Tuesday or Wednesday. Most of these campsites can be enjoyed for two weeks, so be sure you pack in plenty of food, water, and trash bags so you can pack out your garbage.

    Travel in the USA doesn't have to be expensive. You can enjoy a lot of different activities in many areas of the United States for just a few dollars. If funds are tight, make sure you pack in food to suit your needs and bring a tent!


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