Hello World is Back! New Videos Start June 4th

New episodes weekly starting Monday, June 4th on Bloomberg’s YouTube channel.
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There’s an AI revolution sweeping across the world. Yet few people know the real story about where this technology came from and why it suddenly took off. In this ground-breaking new season of “Hello World,” the story of AI’s rise is told in detail for the first time, as journalist Ashlee Vance heads to the unexpected birthplace of the technology, Canada.

Catch up on Season One here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKvZPpdGjiM&list=PLqq4LnWs3olVtd-fSbmz8a0KhoBCB8JW4

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The Robots Roaming the High Seas:

Thor Wants to Throw Down an Electric Hammer on Tesla:

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