George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery Lawyers Demand Swift Justice and Systematic Change

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8:55 AM PT — Merritt and Crump just finished speaking and answering questions about the tragic killings of Arbery and Floyd — as well as Breonna Taylor’s in Louisville at the hands of police in a case of mistaken identity — and revealed potential next steps to get justice for them and their families.

Merritt spoke first, and suggested it’s time for economic boycotts and sanctions in the communities where these killings have happened, to send a message that racism, police brutality and injustice will not be tolerated any longer.

Crump touched on all 3 cases, but said they are just a microcosm of what he calls a “pandemic of racism” in America. He predicts, unless there is serious action taken in the country in the next month or 2, there will be another unjust killing of an unarmed black person.

Both lawyers called for murder charges for all the police officers involved in Floyd’s death — not just the one who kneeled on his neck — much like they called for the man who recorded video in Arbery’s slaying to be charged with murder … and he eventually was.

Crump also called for the Attorney General of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, to step up and take over the Floyd case, because he believes the current prosecutor’s claim that there’s not enough evidence to bring criminal charges is unacceptable.

Along with highlighting the issues in the Arbery and Floyd cases, Merritt, Crump and Jones made it a point to emphasize Taylor’s story … which has not received as much national attention as the other killings.

The lawyers are also representing Breonna’s family, and are pursuing justice for her just as vigorously as they are for the 2 men. Crump encouraged people to listen to the 911 call made in Taylor’s killing to fully understand the injustice that was done to her.

Attorneys representing the families of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery will be holding a virtual press conference … and TMZ’s streaming it live.

Civil rights attorneys, Ben Crump and Lee Merritt, will be speaking Friday morning — along with the news commentator and criminal justice reform advocate, Van Jones — as part of a Team Roc Facebook presser called “Next Steps in Pursuit of Justice.”

Crump is currently representing Floyd’s family, and following the developments Thursday — in which federal and state prosecutors announced they are not yet charging the 4 officers involved in Floyd’s arrest and death — he told us the family is outraged and crestfallen.

Crump, speaking on behalf of the family and millions of others who saw the video of Floyd being suffocated by cop Derek Chauvin‘s knee to his neck, doesn’t understand how the video doesn’t provide enough evidence for charges in George’s killing.

Merritt is the lawyer for Arbery’s family. As you know, 3 men have now been charged for murder in that case — father/son Gregory and Travis McMichael, who ambushed Ahmaud as he was driving, and William “Roddie” Bryan, the man who recorded video of the incident.

The virtual press conference begins at 8 AM PT and is being put on by Team Roc.

Originally Published — 7:52 AM PT

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