SpaceX founder Elon Musk has denied claims that the company’s eventual 12,000-strong fleet of satellites could ruin the night sky for astronomers.

Astronomers have expressed concern about the satellite project despite Mr Musk’s claims that reflections of sunlight from the satellites would not interfere with their work.

The Starlink satellites are intended to be used to provide broadband-speed internet access across the whole of the planet and generate cash for Mr Musk’s other ambitions in space.

Hate to disagree with @elonmusk, but: that is true in wintertime, but not in summertime. Then, with altitudes at 550 km, they are visible throughout the night at middle latitudes like Europe. Just like they were last night:

— Dr Marco Langbroek (@Marco_Langbroek) May 25, 2019

However, onlookers are expressing concern about the impact the satellites would have on their work.

A video captured by Dutch astronomers Dr Marco Langbroek shows the satellites in orbit, alongside Dr Langbroek’s claim that – contrary to Mr Musk’s assertions – during the summertime the satellites would be visible well south of the arctic circle.

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