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Nature consists of several elements that we often seen captured in videos around the world promoting the earths preservation.  Unfortunately, most of us fail to recognize it, because we are distracted by everyday life,  so we ignore the signs and eventually fail to protect her from mans interference.   Although there are signs the planet is going through a significant change it is still not widely accepted.  Profit mongers lobby against common sense policies that would outgrew their industries so they invest in negative attacks that distorts peoples perception of the issue.

In an attempt to distort the truth, peoples concept of reality has been challenged by companies willing to sell water to the ocean.   Fact.  Climate change is a direct result of mans undying desire to consume the earths’ resources that took millions of years to produce.   Fact.  There are several natural habitats around the world being destroyed, along with creatures that are important to the earth’s ecosystem.  Fact.  We are living and experiencing a time where all life on earth is at extinction levels and is threatening future generations.

The desire for increased wealth cause man to ignore the warning signs, and as a result, millions of people are affected by the effects of climate change.   Fact.  Every time summers feel hotter, that is a result of trees and mountains being destroyed to make way for more manmade structures.  Fact.  Recent studies shows that the polar ice caps is melting faster in the last 20 years than in the last 10,000.   As a result the melting ice caps are raising sea levels at an accelerating rate.   Eventually, most coastline towns may end up under water.

The mistreatment of the earth and animals within it is a direct result of how human beings disregard the need to care for other human beings.    If we can learn to take care of the earth, then we can learn to take care of the people that live in it.   If we continue the way we are now, we will fast track more natural disasters that will kill millions worldwide.   There are several examples of this throughout human history.  Can we ever change?

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