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$2.5 million funeral – Family aims to send home Hanover mother and children as queen and princesses

An appeal has been launched to raise approximately $2.5 million to bury three people k!lled in Hanover earlier this month.
Dubbed the Three Angels Memorial Fund, which has been set up by Marsha Wallace on GoFundMe, the venture is aimed at getting US$20,000 for the funeral of Adanique Cunningham and her daughters Shanique and Jayanna Coote.
Some US$2,357 has been raised from 50 people in twelve days. The family acknowledged that they are aware of the drive to raise the money. Wallace said that all donations will be sent directly to the funeral home to offset the cost of burial for the deceased.
“The family is eternally grateful for your unwavering support and know that with your love, kind words, cards, phone calls and visits, the healing process will be filled with great memories of their beloved family members,” an update posted on GoFundMe said.
The police have charged 61-year-old labourer Paul Coote, of Industry Cove, Green Island, Hanover, with the murd3r$ of his ex-girlfriend Cunningham and their two daughters.Thirty-eight-year-old Cunningham, of Dixon Wharf in the parish, and her two children, seven-year-old Jayanna and Shanique, four, also of Industry Cove, were chopped to de@th on Wednesday, April 25.
In the GoFundMe post, Wallace said that Cunningham, who was eight months pregnant, grew up in Green Island and was “loved by everyone as were her beautiful girls, whose brilliant young minds had just begun their journeys to becoming successful and productive citizens”.
“We are humbly asking for not only your emotional support but also your financial support in assisting the family with heavy burden. This unforeseen tragedy has wounded the hearts of all who have heard this story and we can help to heal the wound by giving Adanique, Shanique and Jayanna a celebration of life that is fit for a queen and her princesses.”

We are not needy the Family of slain mom and kids says GoFundMe account was created because people wanted to help
Although a GoFundMe page has been set up to pay for the funeral of three people who were killed in Hanover recently, a relative is insisting that the family is not in need.
Instead, Natalie Cunningham, the eldest sister of the pregnant woman who was chopped to death along with two of her children, said that the account was set up mainly for persons who had began to reach out in the aftermath of the tragic, April 25 incident.
“It’s not that we needed any help or anything like that. It is just that we have good friends and we are good with people and they offered to donate money towards it [funeral], so that is how the GoFundme came about,” she said.
She noted that her cousin is a funeral director so money wouldn’t be an issue.
But, Marsha Wallace, the woman whose name in which the GoFundMe account dubbed ‘Three Angels Fund’ was created, noted that a pregnant Adanique Cunningham died leaving two children who need the money.

“If we were to make J$2.5 million, which probably might have been more than the cost of the burial, there are two more children that don’t have a mother. A trust would have ultimately been set up so that these children can continue to go to school,” she stated.
The two children are ages 14 and 15, both students of Rusea’s High School. She pointed out that the children have been receiving counselling following the slaying of their mother and siblings. Wallace is adamant that the aim of the GoFundMe account was not set up for an individual to gain any financial wealth.
“Had we hit the US$20,000 (J$2,512,176) when we receive the final bill from the funeral home, the money would be less than J$2.5 million and there would be residual money. No one was going to pocket the money,” she said.
Wallace, who is a childhood friend of Natalie Cunningham, felt that she had an obligation to help the family by setting up the GoFundMe account.

“The people who have given so far, the goal is no issue. If they had done the calculations they would have got the $2.5 million but they were not deterred by that, they still gave their money because they realised that the family is in need,” she said.
However, Natalie Cunningham said that the family has not started to make funeral plans as yet.
“We didn’t do no funeral arrangements as yet because we are still waiting on the autopsy. We hear that people a de@d like bird dung a Westmoreland, so we have a long wait fi do the autopsy,” she said.

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