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Father CHARGED for HITTING Daughter with MACHETE

Westmoreland dad accused of beating daughter with machete

A 54-year-old Westmoreland businessman is to appear in court next Tuesday after he was slapped with a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm, for allegedly using a machete to hit his daughter.
He is Joseph Arthurs of Revival district, Westmoreland. He reportedly committed the offence on Thursday May 3, while his daughter was on her way to an Internet café.
According to the police, Arthurs was driving in a car when he saw his daughter on her way to the café. He reportedly told her to go home, but she disobeyed his instructions.
The police say Arthurs then got out of the vehicle and used a piece of stick to hit his daughter on her hand. He subsequently went to the car, removed a machete and used it to hit her.
The matter was reported to the Grange Hill police on Saturday and Arthurs was later arrested and charged. He is to appear before the Westmoreland Parish Court on Tuesday May 15.
Last year, a woman from St Thomas was charged after a video of her using a machete to inflict more than a dozen blows to her daughter went viral. The woman, Doreen Dyer, pleaded guilty to cruelty to a child and was earlier this year sentenced to three years of probation.

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