How to Make Your Next Big Move Stress-Free

Now is the time to take exactly what you want into your new home.


Whether you're downsizing or moving to a bigger home because your family is growing, a move is a time to truly customize your space. Now is the time to take exactly what you want into your new home. Once you know the size and shape of your new home, pack with an eye toward exactly what you want in each room.

Flip Your Thinking

Instead of packing up the current house to lug it to the next house, use a notebook and create lists of what will go in each room. If you're currently working from the dining room table and the new house has an office space, you'll need a

  • desk

  • bookshelves

  • trash can

  • idea board

Invest in a set of colored sticky dots and designate a color for "office". Tag the items your want to go into the office with that dot. Work your way around your current house and pick the ideal items for each room in your new home. Those are the items that you will move; everything else will be sold or donated.

Sell Before You Repair

If your current home needs some work, be aware that the payoff for those repairs may never show up in your bank account. The stress of living in a work zone may be more hassle than you want to contend with.

Instead, call a professional broker or cash for homes business. You may know them by their offer of we buy houses Miami FL. Skip the worry of having strangers walking through your living space and sell your home quickly so you can move to your new space and settle in.

Use Your Luggage

Put your suitcases to use to make the first few days of the process much simpler. For example, you can pack a bag for each member of the household. In that bag, you'll want

  • a couple of changes of clothes

  • pajamas

  • sheets for their bed

  • a towel and toiletries

  • their pillow

When you get to your new home, everyone can have a bath, put on their pajamas, and make their bed. No matter how much work you have to do, you won't have to unpack to take a shower.

If you, your spouse, or your kids have an electronics device they're wedded to, make sure that the device and the necessary chargers are also in the suitcase. Use a backpack to gather upsurge strips and charging bricks currently in use on moving day so things can be plugged in quickly.

Baggies, Tape and Linens

As you take apart bookcases and other items that are going with you, use a Ziploc to store the hardware and tape the bag to the back of the shelf unit. Dust everything carefully before you move it so a quick polish job will make it pristine.

Before you spend a lot on bubble wrap or foam packaging products, raid your linen closet. Wrap your breakables in sheets and towels to take to your new home. As you unpack, load the linens into the biggest transport box and make a run to a nearby laundromat with industrial washers. If you can find someone who does laundry by the pound, pay them to wash up all your padding. You'll use less plastic, save on boxes and boxing time, and be able to protect your most fragile collectibles.

Have a Living Estate Sale

Once you've moved exactly what you want into your new home, hire someone to do a living estate sale with the items that remain in your former home. When the sale is over, make a donation to a thrift store, invite in consignees, or find a family shelter that needs the items you didn't need to move.

Decluttering is easy to avoid; it's hard to decide what to donate and sell. Instead of dragging out the process, make these decisions simple by choosing exactly what to bring to your new home. Everything left behind becomes a non-decision; it's no longer needed and no longer yours, so you can move to your new house in confidence and comfort.


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