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Retired Birmingham charity worker murdered in his new Jamaican dream home

A BIRMINGHAM charity fundraiser has been murdered on the sunshine island where he had hoped to start a new life.
Delroy Walker’s body was found at the beach-front home in Tower Isle, Rio Nuevo, St Mary, that he had purchased only weeks before.
He had been st@bbed multiple times in a brut@l attack.The 63-year-old charity champion’s wife, Pauline, was poised to fly to Jamaica to join him for their new start before tragedy struck.
The couple had been married for only three years. Now, she has flown out to Jamaica as a widow, Walker has a son and one young grandchild,
A builder by trade and qualified electrician, Delroy was an active and passionate fundraiser for West Bromwich-based Friends of Brandon Hill, colleagues said.
The charity is dedicated to helping children in need in the West Indies and has the slogan: “Helping young people to achieve independence through the power of education”.
A fellow volunteer said Delroy lived in Birmingham and has strong links, through family and friends, with the city. He had moved to Lewisham, South London, before flying out to acquire his Jamaican dream.
A spokesman for the organisation confirmed that Delroy had been a supporter and had taken part in a West Bromwich fundraising walk for the Friends.
He had, however, not played an active part for a number of years. Details of his death have been posted on the Friends of Brandon Hill website.
Delroy returned to the country of his birth eight months ago, convinced that Jamaica needed former nationals to return and help the economy.
His new home had only recently been completed. It was a decision that cost him his life.
The alarm was raised at 9.15am on April 19 after a passer-by spotted a trail of blood leading from the house.
The Jamaica Observer ran the shocking story under a one-word headline: “Shameful!”

Best friend Derek Staple, who has known Delroy since secondary school, said: “His kindness is his weakness. He trusted everyone, he was too trusting.
“I knew him inside out – his mood, his temperament. I have a picture of him on the mantlepiece.
“He always had the plan to return to Jamaica in the back of his mind. It was a life he wanted – he loved farmwork and walking.”
Derek added: “He will be buried over there. He wanted to be buried where the sun shines. If we brought him back, he’d haunt us.”
Friend Roy Staple said: “Even now, it’s hard to believe. It’s like a dream, a drug thinking he’s not coming back.
“He was very happy. He’d bought a beautiful home, it was like paradise. I was due to fly out and joked that I’d bought a fishing rod and intended to do some fishing from his back garden.
“Delroy was a man who always had a smile on his face. That’s what makes what happened so hard to understand.
“We are all really devastated. His wife, his children and my family are all distraught.
“The information we’re getting is sketchy, because he was alone there. They’re not sure if it’s robbery or what.
“Him and my bigger brother were best friends. Wherever you saw one, you saw the other.

“It’s just devastating. I just can’t believe it, to be honest with you.
“He went back to Jamaica trying to enjoy retirement and he didn’t get a chance to enjoy it. He was a kind man, very pleasant and decent.”
“People are just devastated. We just can’t believe it happened, you know. Our hearts just can’t manage, it’s distressing. We hope that they find the killer,” the man said.
The police have said that no one has been taken into custody, but they are following strong leads.

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