What To Watch While You’re Stuck At Home

Television shows you can binge watch during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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For the past two months, we’ve been resticted to our homes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and because of that we got to do what we really love to do and that is binge watching past and present television shows.  Some of these shows were panned by critics but honestly, I find they were intriguing and viewers would appreciate them if they just give them a chance.  

  1. 1 Upload

    Surprisingly this was an entertaining show to watch.  Especailly due to the dramedy, but mostly because of the science that was never explained like other shows doring mumbo jumbo.  Another factor is the the length of the series.  With only 10 episodes, it was an easy one to binge and enjoy.  


  2. 2 L.A.'s Finest

    This is indeed the female version of Bad Boys, but somehow the four main characters personalities are split between Marcus and Mike from the original franchise.  Did I like this show? Absolutely, although it was not like shows like "Power" it was definitely an action pack, dramatic comedy that taps into every emotions within each episode.  The only factor that may be a miss, if the unresolved cases they somehow investigate and get some form a result.  But unlike other police procedures, the individual cases are the sub-plot and the characters stories are the main-plot.  So if they don't solve the cases, it doesn't make or break the show, because fans don't watch for the episodic cases but for the serialized story arc of the main characters.  


  3. 3 Stumptown

    Some may ask if this one is worth watching.  And the answer is yes.  Its about a former Marine Officer turn private investigator who goes out of her way to help her clients.  The main character played by Cobie Smulders is flawed in many ways, but the wear and tear is not show in her physical appearance.  However, their attempt to demonstrate the grittiness of the character in fight scenes shows they are attempting to make an entertaining piece of work.  Although it may not be one of the best, it will probably be an underrated show during its run.


  4. 4 Nancy Drew

    I grew up  reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys novels.  This modern take has a slight difference in its retelling.  There supernatural elements added to the mystery that made this rendition worth watching.  The season long arc of who did it is every intriguing and it will leave with you obvious questions of where will it go next.


  5. 5 Stargate Universe

    If they were to reboot one Stargate show, this one should have been the one.    Although I was a fan of SG1 and Atlantis, Universe told a far more compelling story that tackles ever aspect of human existence.  The crew of the Ancient Ship Destiny although got onboard by accident had to deal with far more dangers than those of SG1 and Atlantis.  The show was written for more drama, science and less action because the main issue the crew had to deal with was a ship that may eventually kill them millions of miles aways from their own galaxy.



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