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Flash flood warning now for ALL parishes
The Meteorological Service has extended the flash flood warning for low-lying and flood-prone areas of all parishes until 5:00 p.m. today.
The means flooding has been reported or will occur shortly.
Motorists and pedestrians should not attempt to cross flooded roadways or other low-lying areas as strong currents are likely.
Residents in low-lying areas should be on the alert for rising waters and be ready to move quickly to higher ground.
The agency says the persistent Trough across Jamaica is producing unstable weather conditions across the island.
Satellite imagery and recorded rainfall data indicate that light to moderate, and at times heavy showers and thunderstorms, affected most parishes last night.
The forecast is for widespread showers and thunderstorms, which could be heavy at times, to continue affecting sections of most parishes today, with a gradual reduction in rainfall activity on Tuesday.
Flash flooding is therefore expected over low-lying and flood-prone areas of the island.
Flooding caused chaos on roads across the Corporate Area on Sunday night as heavy rain continued to sweep across the island.
The downpour left masses of mud, boulders and debris on the streets which made it challenging for motorists and their vehicles, some of which became stuck and had to be abandoned.
Among the badly affected areas in Kingston and St Andrew are the Harbour View main road, Maxfield Avenue, Hagley Park Road and sections of downtown Kingston.
Almost 30 families in Harbour View, are now in fear after floodwater destroyed the perimeter walls at the back of their properties early this morning.
According to the residents of the houses on Harbour Drive, about one this morning they heard a loud rumbling and rushed to the rear of their premises to find the walls gone after the water, channelled through a gully behind the properties, caused the earth to cave in.

The National Works Agency (NWA) said it is currently investigating reports of flooding, landslides and washed down silt impacting a number of roadways in St Andrew and Western Jamaica as a result of the current inclement weather.

“Heavy equipment has been dispatched to a section of the Sir Florizel Glasspole Boulevard, in St Andrew where work is currently underway to reopen a section of the carriageway to two-lane traffic.

The agency informed that work teams are on their way to the Mavis Bank, Papine to Redlight, Redlight to Hardwar Gap and Kintyre to Bull Bay main roads in St Andrew to assess the severity of landslides, which have been reported.

“Washed down silt is also impacting the Mount Pleasant and Stony Hill to Tom’s River main roads,” said the NWA.

The agency also advised that the section of the Mavis Bank main road in the vicinity of the Louis Bennet Primary School has been reduced to single lane traffic and motorists are being advised to proceed with extreme caution along that corridor.

Over in Western Jamaica, sections of the Three Miles River, Chantilly and Petersfield to Galloway Main Roads Westmoreland are flooded but passable.

Landslides have also reduced sections of the Stettin to Highgate Hall main road in the communities of Wire Fence, Allsides and Wait-A-Bit in Trelawny to single lane traffic.

The police are advising that the Aenon Town main road in Cave Valley, St. Ann is impassable due to flooding. Motorists are being advised to use alternative routes.

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