Olivia Jade is putting her life back together one furniture purchase at a time — at least that’s what it looked like as she left IKEA with a mystery man.

Lori Loughlin‘s youngest daughter was walking out of the home furnishings store Friday in LA — with a dude who wasn’t her boyfriend, Jackson Guthy – pushing a cart with just one boxed item in it. A Fjällbo coffee table? Or a Skarsta desk? Maybe even a Vittsjö shelf unit???

Who the hell knows? One thing that is clear — she’s gonna be building something, and seeing how we’re told this was shot AFTER a trip to USC … it’s likely she’s on the move. 

Olivia didn’t say much about the college cheating scandal, FWIW. The pap grilled her though, asking if she’d been in contact with her mom, and whether she was moving out.

As you know … both of Olivia’s parents have pled not guilty to the slew of charges brought against them since they were first indicted back in March for allegedly paying upwards of $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC under false pretenses. 

Felicity Huffman went a different route — copping a plea, but still facing the possibility of jail time … if prosecutors get their way. 

As for Olivia here … just a snippet in her wonderful everyday.

Story first appeared on TMZ.com

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