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Security forces found four M16 rifles in St James

The security forces have recovered four illegal M16 assault rifles in St James.
Reports are that in a joint police/military operation in a rugged, hilly section of a community called Rocky Hill, near Ramble Hill in Bouge in the parish on Friday morning, the four high-powered weapons were found and seized.
Also seized were four bullet-proof vests, 150 rounds of ammunition, military fatigues and other related materials. No arrest has been made in connect with the seizure.

The find follows the discovery of an AK-47 assault rifle in the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland on Thursday during another major police/military operation in that parish, following the dramatic killing of seven persons, including two children, in a series of vicious gun attacks there on Tuesday that also left 10 person nursing gunshot wounds.

Security operations have been heightened in Westmoreland since the murderous activities there on Tuesday, while St James has been under a state of emergency since January 28.

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