Friends: 10 of Ross Geller’s Funniest Meltdowns

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Ross Geller was the most arrogant member of the lovable Friends gang, but his hilarious meltdowns made him so memorable. Ross was at his funniest when he was in the midst of a temper tantrum, and it was in those unforgettable moments that David Schwimmer’s acting skills truly shone. Over Friends‘ ten seasons, Ross provided some of the most comical scenes, as his storylines always tended to be the most absurdly funny. Due to the character’s uptight nature, when unfortunate circumstances happened to befall Ross, his reactions were far more exaggerated than anyone else’s.

This was absolutely brilliant to watch. Friends just wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for the satisfying comedy provided courtesy of Dr. Geller.

“My Sandwich!”

Having begun airing on TV back in 1994, Friends remains one of the most quoted shows ever. With witty writing and memorable jokes, the series has aged very well, and it’s easy to forget that it is over twenty years old.

While going through his second divorce, Season 5 presented Ross in a particularly fragile state. He moped about how his life was falling apart and there were so few joys left for him. One of those joys happened to be a turkey sandwich made for him by Monica. Ross considered the sandwich to be one of the most delicious things ever, so his heart was broken when he discovered that someone at his work had stolen and eaten it. The sandwich thief ended up being Ross’ boss, and so when Ross had his iconic sandwich-related meltdown, he wound up being laid off from work.

When He Finds Out That Rachel And Joey Are Dating

The romance arc between Joey and Rachel was considered a very poor decision by just about the entire Friends fanbase. The storyline was contrived, and Joey and Rachel’s transition from familial best friends and room-mates to lovers simply did not feel natural.

Ross’ reaction, even though it stemmed from his own jealousy and conflicting feelings for Rachel, served well to reflect the audience’s reaction. Ross was infuriated when he first discovered that Joey and Rachel were dating, but after giving it some thought, he attempted to be supportive. He invited Joey and Rachel to his apartment for dinner for a double date with him and Charlie. This was a nice gesture, but not the best idea on Ross’ part, as he ultimately ended up drinking a little too much, which resulted in a hilarious emotional outburst. He was definitely not fine!

When He Moves Into His New Apartment

Ross’ stubborn personality does not help him out when he moves into his new apartment (which previously belonged to the infamous Ugly Naked Guy). While he is moving into his apartment, one of his neighbors asks him to donate some money to a party that everyone who lives in the building is throwing for the retiring janitor.

Ross refuses, quickly creating his own reputation in his building as “the cheap guy.” To remedy this and get people to like him, Ross attempts to throw his own party, but his plan only ends up backfiring. Phoebe attempts to help him, bringing Ross to the janitor’s retirement party, but Ross is not welcome. When Phoebe asks everyone, “who here actually likes Ross?” and Ross is the only person in the room to raise his hand, that pretty much says it all about his character.

“Get Off My Sister!”

Monica and Chandler hid their relationship from the gang for quite a while when they first began dating. This resulted in humorous moments of them sneaking around behind their friends’ backs. Eventually, though, everyone began catching on. First Joey, who ended up having to keep Monica and Chandler’s secret for a while. Rachel later realized what was going on, and Phoebe caught on shortly after.

In the Season 5 episode “The One Where Everybody Finds Out,” Phoebe and Rachel confront Monica and Chandler, and this means that everyone in the gang has acknowledged their relationship. Everyone but Ross. This episode takes place shortly after Ross’ aforementioned sandwich temper tantrum, so in his attempt to prove to his boss that he is ready to return to work, Ross invites his boss to his new apartment. Everything is going well, and as Ross’ boss begins considering letting him come back to work, Ross looks through his window and catches sight of Chandler and Monica making out in Monica’s apartment. This results in yet another epic freak-out from Ross, unfortunately happening again in front of his superior.

The Spray Tan Incident

Ross has had his share of “cosmetic” incidents. Namely, the memorable episode in which he left whitening strips on for way too long, and his teeth ended up being so white that they glowed.

In a Season 10 episode, literally called “The One with Ross’ Tan,” Ross is impressed by Monica’s spray tan. He decides to get one of his own, but as usual, things don’t exactly go his way. The man who works at the tanning salon tells Ross to let the machine spray him for five seconds, then turn around, so he gets an even tan. Ross messes this up spectacularly by counting “Mississippily,” and the outcome is completely hilarious.

The Leather Pants Disaster

In a Season 5 episode titled “The One With All The Resolutions,” the Friends gang make their New Years resolutions. Rachel’s is to stop gossiping, Chandler’s is to go an entire week without making fun of his friends, Joey attempts to learn to play guitar, and as part of Ross’ “try something new” resolution, he buys himself a pair of leather pants.

Ross is excited when he buys his hot new leather pants, thinking he looks very cool. He goes on a date sporting his new pants, which eventually begin to suffocate his legs. Ross hurries into his date’s bathroom, taking his pants off in attempt to cool off. He is horrified when he discovers that he can’t actually get the pants back on due to his legs swelling in the heat. Ross then has to walk out of the bathroom, sans pants, legs slathered in a paste made from a mixture of lotion and baby powder. This spectacular embarrassment is one of the most memorable Friends moments.

When Monica Was His First Kiss With Rachel

Since Monica and Rachel were friends in high school, Ross’ crush on Rachel began very early. Ross was obsessed with Rachel way before they were reunited at Central Perk in the series premiere of Friends, and his infatuation was a running storyline on the series.

In Season 10, Chandler admits that he kissed Rachel when they were in college. He tells Ross this while the two of them are at a college reunion, and Ross becomes incensed. It turns out that the very night Chandler kissed Rachel was the same night that Ross kissed Rachel for the first time. When Chandler and Ross get home, they confide in Monica. When Ross tells her the story of him kissing Rachel while she was asleep on his bed, Monica is shocked. She explains that it was actually her that Ross kissed, as Rachel was sleeping on Chandler’s bed.

When Rachel Gets With Paolo

Another Rachel-related meltdown, Ross becomes depressed when Rachel begins dating her charming Italian neighbor, Paolo. This happens early on in Friends, and Rachel meets Paolo during a blackout one night. According to Ross, he was planning to “make his move” with Rachel on this very night.

Rachel’s fling with Paolo makes Ross extremely upset. In a Season 1 episode called “The One With Mrs. Bing,”Chandler’s outgoing mother comes to visit the gang. They go out to dinner, where Ross mopes constantly while watching Paolo and Rachel interact. Later that night, Joey catches Ross kissing Chandler’s mom. Ross’ excuse for this is his misery over the whole Rachel-Paolo situation. No matter the explanation though, Ross kissing Mrs. Bing was just a bad, gross move.

“Three Divorces!”

In Season 6, Ross and Rachel famously get drunk and wind up eloping. This happens during the gang’s trip to Vegas, and Ross and Rachel end up sharing a hotel room. After having a fight because Ross drew on Rachel’s face with a (permanent) marker, Ross and Rachel drink way too much and end up going to a chapel.

They get married that night, and when they wake up the next morning, the memories come rushing back to them. In horror, they realize what they’ve done and decide to get an annulment. That is until Ross realizes that he can’t stand the idea of being the guy with three failed marriages, so decides to stay married to Rachel without telling her. When Rachel finds out, she is infuriated, and the two of them end up having to get a divorce. Ross then earns his title, “three divorces guy.”

“We Were On A Break!”

One of Friends’ most famous and iconic lines originated in one of its early seasons. When Ross and Rachel break up for the first time, it’s after he sleeps with an acquaintance and justifies it by the fact they were “on a break.” The romance between Ross and Rachel is probably one of the most famous storylines on Friends, and it is one of the best-known TV relationships ever. Since Ross and Rachel were so popular, many of their moments are very notable. “We were on a break!” is one of the most famous lines ever spoken on Friends, and it is also another one of Ross Geller’s iconic meltdowns.

Not only does Ross say this multiple times right after he and Rachel break up the first time, but he also reiterates this point several times throughout the entire series. It is said so much that “we were on a break” has basically become Ross’ catchphrase, which is quite fitting.

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