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Another fatal multi-vehicle crash, this time on the toll road

A 55-year-old man is de@d and several other persons injured following another multi-vehicle crash that took place on Sunday, this time along the Vineyard’s leg of the toll road, near the Old Harbour turn-off.

Reports are that about 9:45 p.m., a motorist was travelling along the highway when he reportedly made an abrupt stop in the middle of the roadway.
Other vehicles driving behind ended up crashing into the back of the car that had stopped in the road.
Reports are that while a group of persons gathered at the accident scene, another vehicle being driven on the busy road struck down several of the onlookers. They were rushed to hospital, where the 55-year-old man was pronounced de@d.
The crash came only hours after a woman was k!lled in another multi-vehicle collision on Mandela Highway.

In that incident which occur during a Funeral Procession on Sunday, a motorist lost control of his vehicle, which collided with a garbage truck and three other vehicles, including a hearse. All five vehicles were damaged in the incident.
Five people sustained injuries and were taken to hospital, while the Female d!ed on the spot after being flung from one of the vehicles. She has been identified only as Marlene an Employee of the Ministry of Education. Just 48 hours before that incident, another multi-vehicle collision took place along Mandela Highway, leaving 10 persons injured. A total of eight vehicles were damaged in that crash, with no reported fatalities.

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