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Nico Samuels, otherwise called “Bowza” of a Barrett Town address in St James and has been on the Parish most wanted list for the past three years, sh0t and injured police Constable Leon Fisher Attached to the Mobile Reserve during a sh00tout in Ironshore, Montego Bay on Saturday, April 28, before he was f@tally sh0t and two illegal firearms seized.
The JCF has reported that three other Officers received injuries but those were considered to be minor. Constable Leon Fisher was stabilized and transferred from the Falmouth Hospital to a Medical Facility in the Cooperate Area.
Samuels is believed to be a former member of the dismantled “Ski Mask G@ng” which operated out of Barrett Town. He was being sought in connection with several sh00tings and murd3rs within the parish, including a triple murd3r in Barrett Town in 2017.
Reports are that shortly after 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, a team of officers went to a house located in the vicinity of Sugar Mill road in Hatfield Iron Shore to effect an arrest on Samuels and another man.
It is further reported that upon reaching the premises, they came under heavy gunf!re from two men, one of whom managed to escape in bushes.
The other man who was later identified as Samuels, continued to fire on the police and had them pinned down for over an hour.
During the c0nfr0ntation, the officer was sh0t and injured, he was hit in the shoulder, arm and wrist. The Security team on the ground had to radio for backup.
They were then joined by several military personals who cut off access to roads leading to and from and surrounded the house in question. It is believed that Samuels barricaded himself inside and engage the lawmen in a sh00tout which lasted for hours.
Samuels was f@tally sh0t in late afternoon and two 9 mm semi-automatic pistols along with several live rounds taken from him.
It is alleged that Samuels membership of the “Ski Mask G@ng” ended when he went rogue after the g@ng leader and other g@ng members went to his home in Barrett Town and k!ll3d his mother minutes after they set fire to her House.
It is also said that his grandmother was also sh0t and injured during that incident.

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