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Dispute over child’s paternity allegedly led to Hanover triple murder

It is understood that an argument between a pregnant woman and her estranged male spouse over the paternity of the unborn child led to the brutal murder of the female and their two daughters in Hanover on Wednesday April 25th.

39 Year Old Adanique Cunningham who is alleged to be 8 months pregnant, and resides with her mother in another section of Green Island, as is customary, about 7am went to prepare her daughters, who live with their father 61 Year Old paul Coote, to send them to their respective schools in the community.
The two adults got into an argument over who was the father of the child that she was pregnant with.
According to sources from the community, the argument escalated “into a fight” and a machete was brought into play and used to fatally chop the pregnant mother and the two children 7 year old Jayanna and 4 year old Shanique Coote.
The police stated that they have received a similar report but neither confirmed or denied its veracity. The triple murder triggered shockwaves across Jamaica and once again brought into the spotlight, gender-based violence.

Meanwhile, a young woman, who claimed to be the niece of the alleged machete wielder, said his behaviour has come as a shock to everyone who knows him as he has been caring for his two daughters.
She said that recently her uncle had been frequently complaining that he was finding it very difficult to provide for his two daughters.
“I don’t know what happened My uncle is a man who used to hustle on the beach in Negril, but the police keep running him off the beach where he hustled shell, fish and so on,” said the woman, who declined to give her name.
But she said that, despite the financial difficulties, he continued to do what he could for his two children. “Every evening him come home with dem a here dem sleep, a him wash fi dem, a him do everything fi dem from dem little.”

The Legal Aid Council has advised that it is providing legal representation Paul Coote
In a press release, the Council said two senior lawyers at the private bar – Tamika Davis and Delford Morgan – have been assigned to provide representation to the accused man.
The council said the assignments were made only hours after Coote’s arrest, with one of the lawyers quickly requesting that the accused be removed from the general lock-up population and placed in another area for his personal safety and security.
The release said the Coote is now at a location where there is less risk of physical assault against him.
Not to be left out of the equation, a number of social media users have expressed dissatisfaction with the possibility of the accused being charged only with the killing of the three persons. They have been clamouring for him to be also charged with the death of his girlfriend’s unborn child.
“The woman was almost eight months’ pregnant and him kill her and her children. He should be charged for a quadruple murder,” declared one person a position that was reflective of many others

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