5 Ways to Help Make Your Car More Sanitary

During a time of a global pandemic, it's important for you to keep everything as clean as possible. Your car can be a breeding place for germs and other substances.


During a time of a global pandemic, it’s important for you to keep everything as clean as possible. Your car can be a breeding place for germs and other substances. However, you can do these things to keep your car more sanitized daily:

  1. 1 Buy Seat Covers

    One of the best ways that you can keep your car cleaner and more sanitized is to invest in vinyl seat covers. Vinyl seat covers are easy to wipe, clean, and sanitize. You won't have to worry about getting liquid spills into any sensitive fabrics. Also, you can spray a sanitizer on them if someone sneezes or coughs on them. These covers are relatively inexpensive, and they are well worth the small investment. You can search for vinyl seat covers at any automotive accessory store. Try to look online as there might be a wider selection of items for you to choose from online.

  2. 2 Change the Air Filter

    The cabin air filter is another item you should want to change to keep your car more sanitary. The cabin filter is the one that cleans the air you breathe when you run the air conditioner or heater in your car. Over time, debris, contaminants, and allergens can get trapped in the air filter and blow harmful air back at you. You can change this filter and keep the air much cleaner to protect people who have allergies. It will also cut down on the transmission of common colds and viruses.

    Another thing you can do on top of changing your air filter is to invest in a little USB-controlled air purifier. That will take your air purification efforts even further. One of these units may cost you less than $20. You operate it by plugging it into a USB port inside of your car or plugging it into your cigarette lighter. It will then go through the process of purifying the air you breathe when you're inside your vehicle. These units are said to remove odors, pet smells, and more. They are definitely worth a try. Start shopping and make the investment.

  3. 3 Keep Sanitation Wipes In the Car

    You should keep sanitation wipes in your vehicle at all times and start a routine of regularly wiping your hands and wiping down the steering wheel. Offer these wipes to people who enter your vehicle, as well. After a few weeks, the sanitation efforts will become a regular habit for you. It will be second nature that you won't have to think about much. You'll just do it all the time. You can find Lysol wipes at your local convenience store or discount department store. Put the effort and finances into it, and you'll stay healthier in the end.

  4. 4 Let the Car Breathe Sometimes

    You may also want to allow clean air to circulate from your vehicle from time to time. You can let down all your windows while you're driving. You could also allow your car to sit for a while during days when you can feel a nice breeze. The air may blow out some of the lingering molecules. Also, ceasing to smoke cigarettes and other items in your car can help you to keep the car much cleaner on the inside. There's a time and place for smoking, and while you're operating your vehicle isn't a good time for it.

  5. 5 Disinfect Items You Touch

    You will also need to go around the inside of your car and disinfect the items that people most frequently touch. The steering wheel, shifter handle, radio controls, and HVAC controls are some of the most commonly touched items. You should conduct a special sanitation ritual with these items at least once every week. If you can do it every other day, that will be much better for you. The goal is to catch up with harmful elements before they catch up with you. The process can really work for you if you put your time into it.

  6. 6 Start Keeping Your Vehicle Cleaner ASAP

    Take the advice mentioned above so that you can keep your car safer and cleaner. It will make you feel good about yourself right away. Furthermore, it will make people feel safer about driving with you.


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