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Chaos At NCB Half-Way Tree As Man Pulls Gun In Banking Hall

Customers of the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Half-Way Tree branch were sent scampering thursday afternoon after a man pulled a handgun in the banking hall.
Photographer Craig Harley who captured some of the drama on video said the scene was chaotic.”I heard screaming downstairs,” said Harley, who was on the second floor doing business.
His video shows people rushing out of the banking hall as five security guards moved in on the firearm holder. Harley said bank tellers also left their stations. “He was boisterous,” Harley said of the firearm holder.
Harley said, at one point, a security guard reached for his service weapon after the man ignored instructions to leave the bank.
As people rushed out of the banking hall, the man with his gun in hand later relented and walked out of the banking hall. Harley said a supervising employee then ordered the security guards to lock the doors.
NCB’s group marketing and communications manager Nichole Brackett Walters confirmed that there was an incident at the Half-Way Tree Branch. However, she declined to provide further details saying a statement would be issued shortly.

The Man Could Be Charged For Brandishing Gun In Bank

It is likely that charges could be laid against a disgruntled licensed firearm holder who brandished his gun inside the National Commercial Bank (NCB) in Half-Way Tree yesterday, allegedly pointing it at security personnel.
According to Dahlia Garrick, assistant superintendent of police who heads the Corporate Communications Unit at the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the man, who is believed to be a customer of the bank, allegedly became disgruntled and boisterous when a teller told him that he had to fill out a form under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
“As per rules governing the banking sector, he was asked to declare what he intended to use the funds for. Normally, the bank would do this when you are requesting a certain amount. He demanded his money and began speaking strongly,” Garrick reported. “A security officer reportedly went over and told him to calm down, step aside, and fill out the form. The request was met with resistance and led to him brandishing his firearm.”
Garrick said that the man left the bank after being ordered out by a team of security guards.
She explained that the manner in which he brandished the firearm may constitute a breach of the Firearms Act but said that a decision would be taken after investigations have been completed.
Last night, NCB issued a statement, commending its security team for managing and containing the situation within a few minutes.
“We commend our security team on their swift response and assure our customers and employees that their safety is our priority,” the statement read.

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