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Vulg@r resistance to cop’s arresting efforts in Old Harbour

So peeps this is yet another situation in which a Police officer in a attempt to detain a citizen was met with hostilities and opposition from members of the public as there was a Vulgar resistance to a cop arresting a man in Old Harbour

In an amateur video of the incident, a lawman is seen stridently insisting on the arrest of a man, and vigorously pursuing his objective, but not without generating a heated verbal assault from a string of bystanders who lashed the cop with criticisms, including unflattering descriptions of his policing skills.
But despite it all, the lone cop stood his ground, and with his weapon drawn at points, and the subject held by the collar, took him straight along the town’s main street into the police station.
This was amid resistance from the suspect at one point, and increasing protest from the crowd, forcing colleagues of the cop to come to his assistance.

The video of the very physical incident was yet another example of increasingly frequent acts of public resistance to efforts by law enforcers to pursue suspects or to take them into custody, something which has reportedly attracted the attention of the police hierarchy in terms of police procedures in such circumstances.

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