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Foul-mouthed, ‘bad boy’ cop suspended after outburst on video

Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, has ordered a probe into an incident in which a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) was seen in a video spewing expletives at a member of the public – a justice of the peace at that – in Trelawny on Saturday. The policeman, who is from the Clark’s Town Police Station in the parish, has been placed on suspension.

A video of the incident has been in circulation on social media, shows the cop repeatedly hurling expletives at the JP and in reference to the commissioner.
The situation would escalate to the point where residents were seen trying to calm the obviously intoxicated policeman, who had reportedly just exited a local bar.
He declared that the JP who was on the scene is an idiot and among other things, the cop, dressed in plain clothes, but wearing a vest marked police and travelling in a marked police service vehicle, told the lay magistrate that “he is a bad police, wid no apology! Guh S yuh mada he said.”
In his drunken tirade, he told the persons gathered, who were lamenting his behaviour while on duty, to go and tell the commissioner if they wished to do so.
“Commissioner a who?” he asked. “Mi a police. Guh tell the commissioner,” he added, indicating that he did not count either the JP or the commissioner, who “caan duh mi nothing”.
In the background, at least one bystander was heard indicating that taxpayers money should not be paying persons like the offending cop, and the country would not get better with such persons in positions of authority.

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