How to Find an Engagement Ring They’ll Love

Use the following guide to give some tips on how to find an engagement ring she will love.

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Buying an engagement ring can be challenging and sometimes stressful. When choosing an engagement ring consider the ring size, jewelry preference and overall style. Use the following tips to guide you to the right engagement ring they’ll love.

1. Get a Budget

Different types of rings vary in price. Regardless of your budget, you will get a ring for the love of your life. Diamonds are  ring unique and classic for engagement rings, the gem is what makes a diamond ring high value. Lab grown diamond rings are also available if you’re on a budget and your spouse to be will love it. Having a budget and being able to give your better half something that they’ll love will be having your “cake” and eating it too.

2. Get the Ring Size

If you are planning a surprise engagement party, make sure to get the right ring size. Getting the wrong sized ring can be embarrassing sometimes.

There are different ways to get the ring size. First, secretly get a ring that they wear and take it to a jewelry store for sizing. You can also connect with their friends and family, they’ll be more than happy to get the size for you.

Suppose you already have the wrong size; don’t worry, some jewelry stores will exchange and resize for a low cost to the buyer. To avoid stress, try to get the correct ring size.

3. Check the Quality of The Diamond

There are different levels to a diamond’s quality. When shopping a diamond ring, it can be confusing. It is easy to choose a stone that your soon-to-be fiancé will love.

Tips on choosing the right diamond ring include:

  • Color: Diamond stones have different colors. Diamond colors range from grade D to Z. The D grade is a colorless stone that is the rarest and most expensive. Choose Buy a stone based on their taste and your budget. The most common stone is the white diamond.

  • Cut: There are multiple types of diamond cut. One of the things you need be keen on is the cut as it gives the stone sparkle. A cut refers to the angel and proportion of the stone. When a diamond gets the proper cut, it reflects right from one facet to another and projects light on top of the rock.

  • The Weight of the Carat: The weight of the diamond affects the cost. Depending on how the jeweler mounted the stone and the stone’s shape, the diamond can appear larger than the weight of the carat.

  • Clarity: A diamond stone must have some inclusion. Inclusion refers to the minerals or tiny fractures in the diamond. The fewer inclusion in the diamond, the more expensive the diamond will cost.

Use a scale to measure the clarity of a stone. A diamond with minor inclusion will range from S11 to S12. It is hard to view an inclusion within these two ranges and a diamond with more impurities tend to be less brilliant.

4. Choose the Engagement Ring Band

The best thing about ring bands are the different types of metal.

Standard ring bands to consider are:

  • Rose, white, and yellow gold: This type of band has a shinier look. It has a soft material that is easy to polish and buff back to its original look after years of wear and tear. Due to the softness, a gold ring band is not durable and can get damaged with 15-20 years.

  • Platinum: If you want a durable band, consider buying a platinum ring band but it gets dull over a period of years, and is hard to bring back to its original luster.

  • Silver: Suppose your fiancé love the latest trend, consider buying them a silver band. A silver bands are in trend today.

An engagement is a special day for you and the person you’re hoping to spend the rest of your life with. So make the moment one they’ll remember and love even if it’s not with a diamond ring.  The above guide will make it easy to search for a ring that they will love.


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