Africanews Live


Africanews is an all-news channel based out of Pointe-Noire in the Republic of the Congo. The news channel is a subsidiary of France-based euronews and began broadcasting online, TV and via Satellite on 20 April 2016.


  • Good Morning Africa: Weekday news bulletin from 6am to 11am ;
  • Daily News: Weekday news bulletin from 11am to 6pm ;
  • Prime Edition: Weekday news bulletin from 6pm to 11pm ;
  • The Nightshift: Weekday news bulletin from 11pm to 6am ;
  • International Weekend: Weekend news bulletin ;
  • This is Culture!: Daily looks at culture and entertainment ;
  • Sci_Tech: Latest science and technology news ;
  • No|Comment: Pictures with no commentaries ;
  • Météo Africa / Météo World: Your daily weather forecasts ;
  • The Morning Call: Get all the top stories happened overnight or early mornings, broadcast weekday mornings from 6 to 11 (only one first hour is live, others are pre-recorded) ;
  • Business Africa: Weekly 6-minute roundup on business news and markets in Africa and worldwide, live Thursday nights at 8:15 ;
  • Football Planet: Weekly 10-minute roundup on football news in Africa and Europe, live Monday nights at 8:15 ;
  • Focus: In-depth world reports ;
  • The Global Conversation: Interview with an Africanews’ journalist and an international decision-makers ;
  • Flashback: Overview on all the major stories on the past 7 days, with 3 editions: news, sport and business ;
  • Markets: Currencies, African markets and commodities ;
  • Timeout Africa: African events roundup.