Modern Distractions: Recognizing It In The Age of Idiocracy

People in society in willfully neglect their abilities to discern intelligence from stupidity when they fall for modern distractions.

Frank Sonnenberg - Avoid Distractions

People neglect their ability to discern intelligence from stupidity when they become distracted by things intended to keep them ill-informed.   Somehow social media and reality shows are considered a representation of real life.  This leads to the belief that this form of fake sense of reality is real.

In fact, it actually causes people to start living in a world of fantasy where they fail to recognize unimaginable distractions.  They in turn fail to realize that by opening their eyes to the real world it will offer them either welcomed or unwelcomed experiences that are distinct from a fictional or idealized world.

The fact that most people in our society gain their understanding of the real world through social media is a major problem.  Just like the movie “Idiocracy”, intelligence is becoming a negative connotation.  It is used as a weapon by those willing to deceive and control the masses.  The ability to share fake news has become a challenge for social media platforms because it is hard to validate what is real and from what is fake. This creates a level of deception that causes people to misalign their priorities. What is also appalling is the media’s idea of what peoples priorities should be.

Society of Caring & Charitable People
Crowd funding, the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people has become very popular today.  Typically this is done via the Internet for almost anything.  Vulnerable people subconsciously give up their hard earn money for people’s self-enrichment schemes through deceptive campaigns.  There are millions of dollars donated for ridiculous reasons.  As a result, millions of people living in poverty lose opportunities to gain funding for investments in housing developments, food programs, job creations, and growing healthcare costs.  People are willing to donate thousands of dollars to help celebrities like Kyle Jenner become billionaires, just because. Why not do the same for people in need in their own communities?

Celebrity and Hero Worshipping
It is understandable that gossip sells and it is there for entertainment.  Unfortunately, there is a difference when “fans” wholeheartedly give up logic to buy into celebrity self-serving ventures.  This feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for celebrities is similar to that of a deity.  It is unfathomable that people give up their loyalty and support wholeheartedly with no conditions, to people they certainly do not know.  They pay close attention the good and bad things that happen in their lives like it’s religious gospel.  It is nothing more than a cult like feeling and a level of total fanaticism.

Everyone is distracted and are becoming people who are willing to accept the title of fans for people or causes without understanding what they truly stand for.  A fan or fanatic is defined as a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious, political cause.  It can also be for a person extremely devoted to someone, interest or activity.

People have an extremely ridiculous interest in the lives of so-called celebrities.  That devotion is unquestionable even when they are found to be flawed.  People would go out of their way to defend celebrity actions and statements without knowing anything of the situation.  That level of loyalty is completely misguided.  This level of distraction causes people to ignore real devastations occurring in local and global communities.

What happen when distracted
Because people are fed massive amounts of distractions, there are less attention on natural and man-made disasters.   It has become common today to hear about devastations across the world that took the lives of thousands of people but the news cycle ends when another juicier story comes out.   And example of the distractive conditioning is switching to celebrity gossip immediately after reporting on the plane crash in Ethiopia that killed more than a hundred people.  Another is focusing political opposition axe jobs instead of the growing crisis in Venezuela.  In addition stories like the ongoing civil/proxy war in Syria, the Gaza conflict between Israel & Palestine, the flooding/mud slide in Indonesia, and the mass shooting in New Zealand are ignored and shown less attention.  Closer to home, increasing people are dying due to incurable diseases like cancer that now kills more than HIV/AIDS, but there are advertised stories about advancement in cancer research.

People deserve some distraction from the real world, but how long should one remain numb from the persisting challenges of modern society?  Climate change is a huge problem and when government officials willfully deny the effects, the population will feel the impact when faced with increasing natural disasters. Gun violence is an epidemic everywhere but some countries continue to deny the problem due to pressures of self-interest groups. Consider this, cigarette can kill and have proven to lead to several health issues but it is legal to use. Marijuana have proven to have healing properties but it is illegal. Is this an issue of public safety or the inability to achieve significant tax revenue?  Ask your state representative.

This mindset of willful ignorance supported by surrogates on television and radio who is assisting with the destruction of common decency and intelligence in human beings. Ignoring real issues and replacing priorities with ridiculousness will lead us to a population of unintelligent drones, who repeat what they hear, don’t care about facts and is prone to negative influences. Generational civil disobedience was once used to produce civil liberties but it is now being used to dumb and numb the population. Technology was once thought to herald a future of human progression, but instead, man’s desire for power turns it into a pathway toward human destruction.

The question one must ponder, and that is, now that you are awake, now what? The answer is simple; drop the phone, turn off the dumb box and pick up a book.   Knowledge is the key to understanding, therefore increasing ones ability to discern truth can lead to awareness, knowledge and understanding of the world of distractions.   Idiocracy is spreading, allowing gossip news and politics to create idiotic, divisive and distractive individuals.  Be aware of what is happening in order to protect oneself from the distractions of modern society.

Will you take the first step?


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Timothy Douglas
Timothy is a staff writer for FiWEH Life, providing commentaries on various topics relating to the Caribbean diaspora with the popular blog "Labba Mout". Timothy has been with FiWEH Life from the very beginning and continues to provide his commentaries on emerging issues.
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