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Public rebukes woman in ‘hot sex’ video
Social media users have voiced their displeasure at a video of a woman who brags about a sexual encounter in the presence of a little boy.
In the minute-long video, the woman, who appears to ask her niece to make the video viral, gives details of the sex act with a man while chatting in a group.
The boy, who appears to be younger than 10, is sitting right beside her. The youngster listens intently and joins in the laughter.
Among the troubling statements, the woman suggested the good sex caused her to ‘pass gas’ repeatedly.
“Me say me ketch back di bwoy and shake off him hand and say (the man’s nickname), yuh c**** big and stiff and powerful,” the woman said, much to the delight of her cheering audience.
Children’s activist and founder of Hear The Children Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine, said the video “is absolutely disgraceful.”
“This is the country in which we live now, there are no values or proper principles. It is difficult to watch videos like these because this woman looks like she could be maybe a grandmother. I do hope CDA (referring to the Child Protection and Family Services Agency) investigates, because any child living under her house may already be in deep trouble,” she said.
Extensive investigation
In the video, the woman goes on to say that the penis is “medicine” and “healing of the nation”, which also brought much laughter from unseen persons.
It is not certain when the video was made, but Blaine is imploring the relevant authorities to get involved and do an extensive investigation on the matter.
“I would really like to know if she is taking care of children and what kind of household that must be. I am really hoping the child agency pays her home a visit once she can be identified. I would love to see her face our court and explain her behaviour,” she said.
Blaine explained that she was not advocating for someone to be sent to prison.
“But I think they should be given mandatory parenting education and I think we need a category like that in Jamaica,” Blaine added.
Blaine said she is fearful that similar behaviour is becoming the norm in Jamaica

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