Superstore: 5 Reasons It Was A Good Show To Watch

Superstore is about oddball employees at a store called Cloud 9. It explores their relationships while servicing a variety of customers.

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Superstore Cast
Cast of Superstore

The final episode of Superstore recently aired, signaling the end of the show.  It was a wonderful representation of the interpersonal relationships of Cloud 9 Box Store employees.   While Superstore will no longer air any new episodes, the show will live on in syndication and on streaming services for anyone who missed it.  

When it first aired, I discovered, laughed, and enjoyed the good thing about workplace dynamics.  The show was on for the past six years, and I was never disappointed.  Here are five (5) reasons why I truly enjoyed Superstore.

  1. 1 Amy & Jonah

    Jonah was attracted to Amy straight away when he began working at the store. The complexities of their relationship added to the enjoyment of the series. The schemes they devised together and with other employees to conceal their true feelings were cute and sweet. For six seasons, fans hoped they would finally get together, but when they did, nothing changed. The writers delves deeply into the nuances of work-life balance, and they seem to have worked it out before they don't. In the end, they had to realize that they were supposed to be together, and Amy's absence confirmed his feelings.

  2. 2 The Employees

    The employee dynamic is comparable to Amy and Jonah's relationship. Cheyenne and Mateo are best friends, and Marcus has a fascination with every fellow employee. Jonah and Garrett aren't exactly best friends. Dinah and Garrett seem to be partners, but they are not; Glenn, as the Store Manager, interacts with nearly every employee. Conversations in the break room remind me of conversations I had with coworkers at a former workplace. All they discuss is outrageous but entertainingly amusing. Everyone ignores Sandra, but Myrtle has been at the store since it first opened in the 1980s. Kelly is disliked by her coworkers when she was dating Jonah, and they want Amy and Jonah to get together. Justine, the want to be the in girl, and is funny as the gossip.

  3. 3 The Break Room Conversations

    The conversations, debates, and ideas that emerge out of their morning meetings and staff trainings are hilarious. Marcus, Justine, and the other supporting characters takes everything literal.  Its even more hilarious when Jeff the district manager comes in to address situations that occurred in the store after an employee does something ridiculously stupid.  The fact is, everyone will think they are all incompetent, but damn funny.  

  4. 4 True to Life Circumstances

    Mateo's immigrant problems, Carol's emotional imbalance, Justine's depression issues, Cheyenne's teen pregnancy, Sandra's cries for attention, Elias' apparent pychosis issues, and Dinah's disaffectionate behavior that forced her to not develop meaningful relationships were all explored throughout the show.

  5. 5 Customer Interactions & Odd Behavior

    My question is, do customers really do the insane things shown in this show? The answer is undeniably yes. People do wander around, eat things off the shelf, and then put them back, such as fruits and other food. They wipe their faces with towels and replace them. They attempt to do their laundry in the manner of the man in the picture. Kids get lost, people die, and a slew of other things happen to and are performed by customers, adding authenticity to the show.


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