You Were Never Really Here


You Were Never Really Here is a tense and dark thriller with a brilliant performance from Joaquin. It has been compared to Taxi Driver because there isn’t really anything else you can compare it to. It’s reminiscent of Taxi Driver particularly when it comes to the main plot and the soundtrack but it almost seems unfair to compare the two, Taxi Driver is the better film.

Joaquin Phoenix is chilling, a broken man, suffering from PTSD. He devotes his time to help track down missing girls. His methods are brutal but when he becomes caught up in a bigger case than once appeared things quickly escalate. It’s offbeat and very slow to build. Brutal and disturbing but if you’re expecting to see extreme violence it’s best to know that the majority of it happens off camera. You Were Never Really Here is all about the atmosphere yet what stood out the most was Joaquin Phoenix. This part was perfect for him and if you think I’m going on and on about it then you better find a cinema screening this and see it for yourselves. Very dark, a thriller in its simplest form. Highly recommended.

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