I’m legitimately in shock. If you don’t know, I absolutely hated the first two movies. All they did was make anybody who’s not a Christian look like the most horrible people who ever lived. Those two movies relied on stereotypes and guilt-tripping to get their agenda across.

God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness takes all of that, and throws it straight out the window. In fact, this movie is so different in quality and philosophically, that it actually feels like a reboot.

Every character in this movie is given depth, relatable dilemmas, and even natural human flaws. Even the Christians aren’t perfect human beings! In the first two movies, every Christian was made to be flawless, perfect people with no flaws whatsoever. In God’s Not Dead 3, they will make mistakes. They can get angry, they can do harsh things, but it’s not done to a cartoony level. Instead, we actually see and understand why they did that, even if it was wrong of them to do that.

And even most of the non-believers in this movie aren’t evil! The movie even sorta encourages self-doubts, saying that God loves questions that need answering!

I don’t know what made Pure Flix change its direction and morals with this franchise, but I’m glad they did. What was once an excuse to hate on atheists is now promoting just the basics of kindness to everyone, regardless of faith.

I NEVER EVER thought I’d be saying this, but go watch God’s Not Dead 3. It’s not only a really good Christian movie, but it’s still shocking seeing as how it completely disregards the harmful messages of the first two films.

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