4 Ways to Increase Productivity in Business

How to get the most out of your workday


Businesses are the most profitable when they are the most productive. Because the primary goal of a business is to be as profitable as possible, it needs to be as productive as possible. Increasing productivity requires improving the productivity of its employees. Your business cannot be productive if your employees are not.

Increase Efficiency

The number one key to increased productivity for any business is increasing efficiency. Productivity and efficiency are opposite sides of the same coin. Efficiency is the input and productivity is the output. Almost anything you can do to eliminate waste will improve efficiency. One way of increasing efficiency is to motivate employees to find ways to be more efficient, while still doing a proper job. This can be done by giving them motivation to both accomplish more work and doing it well. Allowing employees, to find better ways of doing the job will not only increase productivity but relieve stress on employees.

Increasing efficiency can often involve finding extra steps and other ways that employees are wasting time. It does not necessarily mean they are goofing off, but there may be other factors that are wasting their time. A shared piece of equipment could be in a bad location, or individual workstations could be poorly located. You may want to consider bringing someone in from outside the company to take a look at how you run your business to see where you are wasting time, effort, and money. Anything that saves one or more of these, without causing harm, will improve the productivity of your business.

Have the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment to do the job is an important part of increasing productivity. For example, when accepting payments having up-to-date credit card processing improves the efficiency of taking payments from customers. Having up-to-date programs on your office computers can improve productivity by the best use of the equipment you have. This can also include making sure that all your employees in and out of the office have the best tools to do their job most effectively. One of the most important keys to productivity is having the right tools for the job.

Give Employees Positive Enforcement

It would surprise you just how far a simple thank you can go. Positive enforcement is a real encouragement to an employee. If everything he ever hears from his boss is negative it will tend to be discouraging and that reduces productivity. Any employee worth keeping on the payroll should have something about their work you can compliment them about. For example, if they are always good about getting the work done in a timely manner, thank them for it. Sometimes you do have to be negative, but do not make the only time you speak to an employee, the times you have to say something negative to them.

Reduce Employee Stress

If there is one thing you can do to improve the productivity and longevity of an employee, it is reducing their stress. If an employee is feeling stressed-out, there is probably a reason. It may be that their workload is too high, it may be something from their personal life, it may be other employees. Regardless of the source of the stress, it is better to deal with it than to let it fester.

The worst way of dealing with a stressed-out employee is to replace them. Not only do you not really solve the problem, but you may replace them with someone who is less efficient. The best way to deal with an employee that is under a lot of stress is to help relieve it or help them to deal with it. Relieving the stress could involve changing things at work, to solve or at least reduce the problem. Helping them deal with an outside source of stress, could be just giving them someone to talk to. In either case, reducing the stress of an existing employee is always better than replacing them.

Increasing productivity is an important part of keeping your business profitable. Ultimately this involves making sure that your employees are as productive as they can possibly be. It includes making sure that they are well equipped. It also means keeping down their stress levels as much as possible.


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