5 Productive Hobbies that will Make You Smarter

One way that a hobby can benefit you is by making you smarter.


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Now that you have more time at home due to the pandemic, you are likely to find ways to take up your time and to bring you enjoyment. You may have gone through a list of hobbies, but you may want to find one that will specifically benefit you. One way that a hobby can benefit you is by making you smarter the more that you practice it and the more that you engage in it. You can find five thoroughly enjoyable hobbies that are sure to make you smarter in the information that is provided to you below.

  1. 1 Play an Instrument

    Even if you do not think you are musically-inclined, picking up an instrument can make you smarter. Music is a way that you can become creative and that you can develop a true art form, but it is also a way that you can increase your cognitive abilities. If you are not musical, consider attending music lessons or classes in which you can learn this instrument over time from others. Even learning to read music can increase your literary and your numeracy skills, while you can also increase your attention span and your ability to regulate emotions.

  2. 2 Find a Video Game

    There are many more video games than just the popular ones like Call of Duty or Halo. Any video game, however, can help you feel more intelligent, especially strategic video games that require you to solve puzzles or make quick decisions. You can even learn through games like Call of Duty how to think quickly when you are facing pressure and when you feel overwhelmed. Overall though, all video games can help you in gaining better memory and even in gaining better fine motor skills, especially with your hands.

  3. 3 Take Up Chess

    There are many board games that can bring you enjoyment, but few require the strategy and the attention to detail that is required in a game of chess. Chess requires the development of skills such as the chess openings strategy in which you memorize moves to defeat your opponent and put them in checkmate. Even in a pandemic world, chess is a great hobby as you are able to play online against a computer or against other players around the world. Chess can improve your analytical skills, your critical thinking skills, and can give your brain more power the more that you engage in this game.

  4. 4 Pick Up a New Language

    There are so many free mobile applications now available that can help you to learn a new language. This is such a beneficial hobby to begin as well as not only will it make you smarter, but it will also help you if you ever want to travel. Individuals who know at least two languages have been found to have better communication skills, stronger abilities to problem-solve, and better initiative. Just devote 15 to 20 minutes a day that you can spend practicing this new language to take your intelligence to the next level.

  5. 5 Read

    You do not have to read nonfiction books and textbooks to make yourself more intelligent through reading. Even reading your favorite novels or series can help you in boosting your brain's abilities and in increasing your intelligence, which may not surprise you. You are literally forming brain connections in the left side of your brain when you read for at least a short amount of time every day, no matter what you read. This can help you with your language learning skills, your memory, your critical thinking abilities, and so many more sectors of your intelligence.

    If you are looking for a hobby to start practicing, consider one that has the ability to make you more intelligent. You can choose one of the more obvious like reading, playing chess, or practicing a new language on a daily basis for a short time. There are less obvious choices as well which may be more enjoyable to you too like playing video games or playing musical instruments. There are many other skills that can help in your intelligence though if none of the five above suit your desires, you just have to start trying!

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